Flip It! Consider Inverting Your Floor Plan

by Carlisle Homes

Flip It! Consider Inverting Your Floor Plan

Flipping your floor plan can align your garage and driveway, while a front-flip option can draw light and views into your living spaces – here’s what you need to know. 

If your driveway doesn’t match up with your garage or your living areas are cast in shadow, have you considered flipping your floor plan from left to right? At Carlisle Homes, it’s easy!

All Carlisle floor plans can be inverted so the garage is either on the left- or right-hand side, which means that if your driveway is in a fixed position, you can match it up perfectly for a seamless look.

Flip It! Consider Inverting Your Floor Plan

A northerly orientation can boost your home's energy efficiency, meaning you can save on your power bills year round! Featured here: Montague Grand Deluxe, Orana Estate, Clyde North.

So what makes a northerly orientation so desirable?

The rooms of your house facing north or north-east receive the most amount of sunlight during the day, particularly in winter when the sun is at its lowest. East-facing blocks get the morning sun and west-facing blocks get the afternoon sun. South-facing blocks receive the least amount of sun.

By orienting your living areas and outdoor areas to the north or north-east you can maximise sunlight and views. It can boost your home’s energy efficiency too; sunlight from the north delivers radiant heating into your home, which creates passive solar heating in winter. In summer, it’s easy to shade northern facades with awnings and window coverings to prevent heat from entering. As a result, the temperature inside a north-facing home remains more consistent year-round, which means you’re less reliant on artificial heating and cooling (so lower power bills!). 

Flip It! Consider Inverting Your Floor Plan

Carlisle floor plans can be flipped so your garage is either on the left or right-hand side, giving you complete flexibility! Featured here: Sanctuary Grand, Smiths Lane, Clyde North.

We also offer front-flip options on many of our most popular home designs, including the Affinity Collection Canterbury GrandMontague GrandSorrento Grand and Sorrento Grand Retreat.

Flip It! Consider Inverting Your Floor Plan

Front flipping your floor plan means that you can position your living spaces to maximise natural light and warm your interiors!

Front-flip options allow you to position your living spaces at the front of the house to the north or north-east, while the rest of the floor plan remains unchanged, so you can maximise light in the parts of the home where you spend the most time, warm your interior naturally so you can benefit from lower energy costs, and enjoy a sunny outdoor entertaining area year-round.

Flip It! Consider Inverting Your Floor Plan

The above floor plan gives you the option to align your Alfresco area with your Master bedroom, giving you complete flexibility. 

Compare this floor plan with the Matisse (right) above and you will see the Master bedroom a the front is on the same side as the alfresco. A great option if your driveway was on the left but you need to continue to face your alfresco and living room to the north for great solar orientation.

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