How much does it cost to build a house in Melbourne?  

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Pricing should be the easiest part of the building journey  

When you’re taking the first steps towards building your own home, words like ‘cost’ and ‘price’ immediately sour the mood of what should be an exciting, creative adventure. These words should come with an exact figure so that you can enjoy the process and imagine life in the home design of your choice. Instead, rising values and fuzzy reasoning leave you second-guessing every decision.   

The ABS states that the average home build costs $327,000 in Victoria. But that number needs context. Let’s talk about the factors that influence home building costs, tips to bring down your final price, and how building with Carlisle Homes can bring you closer to your dreams of owning the perfect home.  

The average cost to build a house in Melbourne  

Costs for a 3-bedroom house  

The average cost of building a three-bedroom house in Melbourne is $1,600 per square metre. We’re assuming the use of higher quality materials in the construction cost, but we aren’t factoring in site costs. 

We can beat that. Carlisle Homes’ most economical three-bedroom house design is the Carinya, which costs $232,900 (approximately $1,300 per square metre). You’ll find the Englewood on the upper end for $359,900 (approximately $1,400 per square metre). All of our costs assume premium quality materials and first-rate contractors will be used.  

Costs for a 4-bedroom house  

The average cost of building a four-bedroom house in Melbourne is $2,500 per square metre. Again, we’re assuming top-shelf materials and quality craft but no land costs.  

Browse our four-bedroom designs, and you’ll find the single-storey Ashbourne for $246,900 (approximately $1,360 per square metre). At the high end is the double-storey Rothbury Grand Deluxe Atrium for $585,900 (approximately $1,260 per square metre).  

Costs for a 5-bedroom house  

To build a five-bedroom house in Melbourne, you can expect to pay a minimum of $4,400 per square metre. Once more, our average costs assume the builder did not use budget materials. 

At Carlisle, we can offer five-bedroom home designs stretching from the Chelsea Master for $390,900 to the Sanctuary Grand for $554,900. The average costs for both plans are approximately $1,230 per square metre.  

Costs for a single-storey house  

The average costs of building a single-storey house in Melbourne range from $2,300 to $3,600 per square metre, depending on the number of rooms included and the finish.  

Carlisle Homes’ single-storey homes range from the Carinya (approximately $1,300 per square metre) to the luxury Matisse at $387,900 (approximately $1,180 per square metre).  

Costs for a two-storey house

Building a two-storey house in Melbourne can cost between $2,500 and $3,700 per square metre, depending on the rooms and finish.  

Our double-storey house designs range from the Chadwick at $339,900 (approximately $1,600 per square metre) to the Rothbury Grand Deluxe Atrium (approximately $1,260 per square metre).  

Factors that influence home construction costs in Melbourne

The first step to lowering your construction costs is to determine why they are what they are in the first place. We guarantee absolute transparency, allowing you to make informed, cost-effective decisions about your build. 

Here are some of the factors housebuilders consider when setting prices.


The level of complexity and luxury that goes into the design you choose is the most obvious price factor. With over 80 house designs, you’ll find a home that suits your budget.


We mean the specific block of land you’re after. Sloping land, or land filled with debris and trees that need to be cleared, or that have no utility connections, will cost more to build on.


Through Spectra Showroom, our clients can personalise every detail of their home, from fixings to floorplans. Of course, more materials mean more costs.

Materials and finishes

Premium materials come with premium costs. However, you can manage your final price by being selective about what to splurge on now, and what to improve later.  

Carlisle Homes can help keep your construction costs down


Save with a house and land package

People just want a good home in a good neighbourhood. The problem is that sometimes, to afford the house that meets your needs, you need to move to a suburb that doesn’t. That problem works vice versa, too, forcing families to compromise between comfortable homes and convenient locations. With our house and land packages, we can build you a gorgeous home in one of several stunning, convenient and amenity-packed estates across metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria.  

Even the cost out with a smooth payment structure

A good builder should be able to offer you a construction payment plan that you can afford. Carlisle Homes have an in-house team of highly experienced finance professionals who can help you manage your payments. We’re utterly transparent with our construction process and the costs needed each step of the way as we follow the HIA Progress Payment Schedule. You’ll always know what’s due and when. Plus, we can help you apply for government grants and construction loans to make your home more affordable.  

Go personalised rather than custom

People with a particular vision for their home are often thrown off by the cost of building a custom home, which is one designed entirely from the ground up. But our home design personalisation service allows you to take any of our existing designs and modify them in myriad ways to turn them into your dream home. Reposition rooms, add an alternative living zone or bedroom, choose your finishes and fittings, and play around with colour schemes — you’ll end up with a unique, beautiful home that’s far more economical to build than a custom house.

Is it worth building a new house in Melbourne?


With the right team behind you, building a home is an exciting and rewarding project.

Nobody doubts that building a new home for themselves and their families is a beautiful dream worth aspiring to. What holds them back is the fear that they can’t afford it and the risk of committing to a major project that may not be completed. Let’s not beat around the bush — we’re aware that the reputation of the house construction industry has a bit of tarnish.   

Let us speak just for ourselves. Carlisle Homes have won numerous state and national awards that not only recognise our exceptional home designs, but also the transparency and security of our business practices. Choose to build with us, and our team will earn your trust and ease your mind from the very first consultation.  

Tips for reducing house construction costs

  • Apply for government grants and concessions, if you’re eligible, such as the Victorian First Home Owner Grant (FHOG).
  • Choose a builder with a transparent process, not just pretty designs.
  • Apply for a construction loan to make payments more manageable.
  • Choose a house design that’ll meet your growing needs.
  • Consider building in a flourishing new estate with family-friendly communities and amenities.
  • Personalise an existing house design instead of designing from the ground up.
  • Choose a construction-ready site that needs minimal preparation for the build.

Inspiration from the Home Files

Speak to one of our finance specialists

Home construction costs vary significantly based on the details. But before we talk about the kind of design you want to spend your money on, let’s talk about the type of home you want to spend your life in. Get in touch with our design consultants to discuss the possibilities of your dream home, and then let’s set up a chat with our finance team to find out how you can turn that dream into a reality.


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