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Home is where you centre yourself. Within its four walls, you can rest and rejuvenate in comfort and peace.

Many homes today tend to make technology the focal point of their home; the heart of their homes are the living spaces, and those are built around the television. But why not use your essential family spaces to connect with nature, calm your nerves and root yourself in peace?

An interior atrium is an open-air section of the home, usually bordered by glass walls or sliding glass doors, where natural light and fresh air can enter. Popular in the past and found in both ancient Indian and ancient Roman architecture, modern atriums are making a resurgence.

Today’s homeowners value a central atrium for its versatility; potted trees, bushes and wall-climbing vines create a verdant, lush lung to purify the home; tiling the courtyard can create a cozy spot for morning coffees. For some, the atrium can be an airy dining room. We’ve even known the adventurous few who’ve turned their central atrium into an outdoor bath. Even if you choose not to turn the atrium into a living space, connecting both the upstairs and first floor with a sunlight-filled double-height atrium creates a breathtaking feature.

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Our range of natural light-filled atrium home plans

Anticipating the desire to integrate nature’s beauty into our modern living spaces, our designers have designed beautiful residential architecture with atriums integrated into their floor plans. Our designs use atriums to extend the entryway or living room vertically — we feel these areas benefit best from the cascade of natural light.

If the idea of a modern atrium intrigues you, get in touch. Our design team would be happy to talk you through our atrium-inclusive home floor plans.

Turn a simple home into a loft-like residence with an atrium

Carlisle Homes’ atrium designs turn suburban life into palatial luxury. Step into an atrium, and you simply cannot help but take a deep breath of clean fresh air and shrug the day’s stress off your shoulders. Whether you live alone, with your partner or with your growing family, a home atrium creates a gathering point where you and yours can truly feel safe and at home.

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We built our house with Carlisle EasyLiving and our overall experience with them has been really great. The best part was that most home designs came with all the inclusions that you would normally require to live in a house, unlike other builders. The house was complete within 3 months, without compromising on the quality of the build. If I happen to build another house, I will not look for any other builder than Carlisle.

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Our experience with Carlisle is very positive so far. The moment we stepped into their display home, we knew it was the perfect house design for us, that was also within our budget. We are thankful for the team and support assigned to us - they're very patient in answering all our questions. Overall, the team from Carlisle delivers well and we are grateful that this experience has been very good and smooth for us.

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Carlisle Homes redefined perfection!

From A to Z, Carlisle took care of things for me very well. I had complete peace of mind having them build my first home & I knew I was right! The colour selection process was smooth and the sales rep was very helpful and cheerful. I received a very high class build and after-build support was great too. I'd build with Carlisle again without a doubt!

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Frequently asked questions

Can I put an atrium in a single-storey home?

Unfortunately no. The demands for space are too great, and Carlisle Homes do not provide single-storey floor plans with atriums.

What suburbs do Carlisle Homes build atrium homes in?

Our build zone covers all of Melbourne and Geelong. However, our knockdown rebuild service is restricted to certain Melbourne suburbs.

How much does it cost to build a home with an atrium?

We have a few floor plans that offer atriums:

Can Carlisle Homes assist me with my home financing?

In an effort to make homebuilding as accessible as possible, we have in-house construction finance specialists to provide financial advice to our clients.

What are the practical benefits of having a void in your home's design?

There are three key advantages to integrating an atrium into your home’s floor plan:

  1. Light
    Atriums are a wonderful way of maximising how much natural light gets into your home. Not only does that create a more peaceful and beautiful space, but it can also help you cut down on your electricity bill
  2. Space
    The space a double-height atrium creates is a tremendous boon. We’ve found the extra breathing room works particularly well in homes with vibrant and dense decor, where the space balances out the collection.
  3. Airflow
    Atriums improve ventilation. Even if they are entirely enclosed, the connection between the first and second floors allows air to circulate better throughout the house.

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