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Bathe your home in natural light with a well-placed void


A void is simply the absence of a section of second-storey flooring, thus a connection between the first and second storey. 

Spacious as your two-storey home may be, it only extends in one dimension — horizontally. Whether you have an open plan design or even floor-to-ceiling windows, your space is still constricted vertically. For some, that’s not an issue. But in narrow block homes, a ceiling can limit airflow, space and light. But a void can fix that. The best way to understand its value is to place it in context.

Imagine removing the ceiling above your entryway to create a double-storey void; add a window above your door to let in natural light, and you can welcome your guests into a bright, spacious entrance. Or imagine a void over your dining room or main living area, where second-storey windows can now light your family rooms naturally. You might consider adding hanging lighting fixtures or sculptures, creating dramatic spaces for entertaining.

A void is an opportunity. Whether you’re building a new home with us or looking for renovation solutions for your current one, a well-placed void makes a strong argument for its inclusion on your list of wants.
If you’d like to discuss the practical and aesthetic benefits of a double-height void, our design specialists are only too happy to assist.

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Our range of stylish, contemporary home designs with voids

Houses with void designs are becoming increasingly popular — credit to our design team, who’ve kept ahead of the curve and created a set of two-storey floorplans with voids factored into their designs. Browse through our designs, soak in their details, give your imagination a workout, and don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your ideas.

A warm family home or a palatial villa? Why not both?

Carlisle Homes’ house designs with voids give you the best of both worlds: the intimate coziness of a well-loved family home and the sun-drenched grandeur of modern family living. And we do it all with the simple addition of a void.

If the idea intrigues you, get in touch, and let’s discuss the details. We’ll consider where voids are best placed in the home, how large they ought to be, and how windows and doorways can complement them.

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Amazing home building experience

We built our house with Carlisle EasyLiving and our overall experience with them has been really great. The best part was that most home designs came with all the inclusions that you would normally require to live in a house, unlike other builders. The house was complete within 3 months, without compromising on the quality of the build. If I happen to build another house, I will not look for any other builder than Carlisle.

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Our experience with Carlisle is very positive so far. The moment we stepped into their display home, we knew it was the perfect house design for us, that was also within our budget. We are thankful for the team and support assigned to us - they're very patient in answering all our questions. Overall, the team from Carlisle delivers well and we are grateful that this experience has been very good and smooth for us.

Rutherford 33

Carlisle Homes redefined perfection!

From A to Z, Carlisle took care of things for me very well. I had complete peace of mind having them build my first home & I knew I was right! The colour selection process was smooth and the sales rep was very helpful and cheerful. I received a very high class build and after-build support was great too. I'd build with Carlisle again without a doubt!

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to build a home with a void?

Carlisle Homes offers a number of double-storey house plans with voids at varying prices. Consider our Rothbury Grand Atrium design, which ranges between $541,900 and $555,900. Or try the Sanctuary Grand, which runs from $544,900 to $554,900.

Where does Carlisle Homes build void-inclusive homes?

Carlisle Homes operates across Melbourne and the Greater Geelong area, though your knockdown rebuild service is limited to specific suburbs within Melbourne. Check out our build zone if you’d like to make sure your home or lot sits within our purview.

Where's the best place in the home to have a void?

The best places to feature a void in your home are over the living areas and the entranceway.

When placed over the entrance, you’ll create a breathtaking and inviting space that will undoubtedly stun your guests no matter how often they visit. A void over your dining room or living room will turn those spaces into light-filled paradises, especially if they boast windows with a view.

What are the practical benefits of having a void in your home's design?

The three main benefits of having a void designed into your home are:

  1. Light
    Whether you choose to have floor-to-ceiling or horizontal second-storey windows, they’ll now be able to flood both the first and second areas by the void with light. This is both an aesthetic and practical benefit, as you won’t need electric lights to do what your copious natural light can do just as well.
  2. Space
    A void creates a vast open space where once you might’ve felt claustrophobic. Entering a room with a double-storey void seems to encourage one to take a deep breath, drop their shoulders and wiggle their toes. This sense of openness is particularly special in smaller homes.
  3. Airflow
    Voids improve ventilation, allowing breezes to cascade down from the second floor and cool the house.
What considerations must I make before deciding on a house with a void?

Safety should be your first consideration. Our voids are secured by barriers to ensure that there is no fall risk for you or your loved ones — especially the younger ones.

Apart from safety, there are only a few minor practical considerations. You may need an extendable attachment to clean windows around the void and a tall ladder to change or adjust any lights.

Does Carlisle Homes offer help with financing?

In order to provide our clients with a financial hand, we have in-house construction finance specialists. These mortgage experts offer personal, one-on-one advice and will assist you in finding the right loan for your needs.

We know that the quality of our partners reflects on us, which is why we’ve done our due diligence before welcoming these finance specialists into our network. We trust them, and we believe you can, too.

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