Zero Harm

Building a safer construction industry

At Carlisle, we understand that building a new home brings a range of emotions, stress, and excitement. We also recognise that over the past few years, customers on their journey to new home ownership have been faced with even more challenges than the norm as a result of lockdowns, supply issues, and an increased cost of living.

While supporting our customers through these unprecedented times is our priority, we’re also here to proactively stamp out any type of violence, abuse, or harm towards our valued Carlisle team.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce Zero Harm, a new Carlisle program dedicated to minimising, with the goal of eliminating any mental, emotional and physical harm towards our people.

From sales, to office, through to our on-site construction teams – Zero Harm aims to encourage professional and respectful interactions between our team members and our customers.

And as our wider Carlisle community – we need your help!


Preventing harm

Emotional, mental, and physical harm is unfortunately gaining momentum across our own, and many other industries, including retail, hospitality, and healthcare. At Carlisle, we stand together against Zero Harm.  

Through collaboration with WorkSafe and other industry bodies, we aim to make this focus on safety, the new industry standard.

To ensure its success, a working group of thirteen passionate Carlisle team members led the design and implementation of the Zero Harm program, including:

  • Zero Harm policy which sets out standards for our visitors, customers, trades, suppliers and team members.
  • Training all people leaders in Mental Health First Aid.
  • Customer escalation and emotional regulation training.
  • Multicultural training programs for all customer-facing team members to enhance their understanding of cultural sensitivities and expectations.
  • Alarm safety systems for both individuals and buildings.
  • Improved education for our customers on maintaining professional and respectful relationships.
  • Empowerment of team members to diffuse and refuse harmful customer interactions.

As an industry leader, we truly believe it is our responsibility to protect our Carlisle family and encourage a widespread positive impact on the broader residential construction industry.

Let’s stand together for Zero Harm.

"The health and wellbeing of our people, and the broader industry really does matter. Our aim at Carlisle is to do things better - to make life better. Let's work together to create Zero Harm environments for all.” 



How to help

We ask our customers to hold us to the same professional standards that we expect of our team members - and work together with us to eliminate harmful interactions in person, virtually and on all social media platforms.

Please familiarise yourself with our Zero Harm policy and share our video and resources with your friends, family, and colleagues with the hashtag #carlislezeroharm, to help us spread the message that “it’s never the right time to cause harm.

Additional information on proposed upcoming legislation changes and guidance on psychological safety can be found here.

Alternatively, please contact a member of our People Team for further information –

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