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At Carlisle we believe that our building process should be an easy-to-follow, transparent and enjoyable journey so that you know exactly what to expect and when. You will benefit from our years of experience as we guide you through the three main building stages - pre-site, construction & warranty.



Duration 10 - 12 weeks

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Step 1: New Home Selection

Welcome to the exciting start of your new home journey with Carlisle. The adventure begins as we work together to create your dream home.

Your dedicated New Home Sales Consultant will take you on a walk- through of the Display Homes and explore the incredible things that come included with your new home selection, as well as all the options you may wish to consider. We’ll get to know exactly how you want your new home to be and we’ll be able to begin the quoting process from here. Your Sales Consultant will take care of all the finer details, including the best placement of your home on your block of land, and provide you with an initial quote.

You will need to provide your Land Contract of Sale including a clear copy of the Plan of Subdivision, proof of land ownership and funding details for construction.

An initial payment of $2,000 will secure the base price of the house, our Carlisle 365 inclusions, pricing for all items in your quote, and your allocated site start month. There’ll also be some paperwork for you to sign, along with leaving your $2,000 payment. These two requirements will get your new home file open with us and will kickstart this exciting journey for you.

Carlisle Homes will also arrange a soil test, site survey, and all the necessary property information for your titled land (or as it titles); ensuring everything is ready for your Pre-Contract Agreement Appointment.

Together with your Sales Consultant, you’ll finalise the placement of your home on your block, facade selection, structural floorplan options, and any other specific requirements.

The resulting sales paperwork is then submitted to Carlisle Homes Head Office, where our dedicated team prepare the Pre-Contract Agreement — the next step towards turning your dream home into a reality.

Your Client Liaison Executive (CLE) will reach out for an introduction and to schedule key milestones in your home-building journey; including your initial Spectra appointments – the Spectra Group Tour and Design Brief session, and your Pre-Contract Agreement Signing Appointment.

Step 2: Pre-Contract Agreement

Carlisle Homes will conduct a comprehensive siting process and prepare the Pre-Contract Agreement documentation. Upon signing and payment of an additional $3,000 payment, this step allows us to initiate the order for your Preliminary Contract Drawings and organise your Spectra Colour and Electrical Appointments, ensuring that all your preferences are accurately captured, allowing for a smooth build of your new home.

If we were unable to fix your site costs upfront, then at this point the pricing for site works will be provided after the completion of soil testing and site surveys (if available, i.e. if your land is titled).

The next step is for you to complete and sign the Pre-Contract Agreement, making any final adjustments as needed. This will take place through a Virtual Appointment with your CLE.

At this stage you are asked to provide contact details for your financial institution, including the bank name, branch information, and relevant contact details.


Step 3: Spectra Colour & Electrical Selections

At your full-day Spectra Colour Appointment with your qualified Design Consultant, we’re excited to provide you with your Preliminary Contract Drawings based on your signed Pre-Contract Agreement. This step is about transforming the vision we’ve previously discussed into plans for your future dream home.

Next is your specialist Electrical Selection Appointment - we’ll set aside approximately 2 hours for this step. This session is dedicated to personalising your electrical layout and selecting upgrades for your home, such as alarm systems, decorative lighting, and entertainment system upgrades ensuring that every switch and fixture aligns with your vision.

Step 4: Contract

Step 4 marks the exciting final approval of your new home contract. We carefully craft your HIA building contract alongside your final working drawings and selections, giving you the opportunity to review, confirm, and happily sign off your approval.

If previously unavailable, the details of site works pricing will be presented upon the successful completion of soil testing and site surveys (if applicable). Ahead of the Contract Appointment, we will provide you with comprehensive documentation, including the HIA Plain English Building Contract, soil test and survey results, colour selection, builders’ specifications, and contract drawings. Providing this comprehensive set of documents up front allows you ample time for a thorough review.

You will complete the Contract Signing Appointment at Carlisle Homes Head Office alongside your Contract Presenter, allocating a full day for this step.

After the signing of the contract and the payment of the remaining 5% of the contract value, Carlisle Homes will instantly apply for Home Owners Warranty Insurance and initiate the application for the building permit and seek Developer’s approval (if applicable). Additionally, the finance pack will be sent to the relevant financial institution.

Again, you will be requested to complete a Customer Experience and Satisfaction Survey to provide feedback on every step of your journey with Carlisle Homes.


Step 5: Site Start Preparation

Now that your contract is signed, we’re set to prepare your home site for construction. The ‘Site Preparation’ phase is a key step in ensuring everything is in place for the upcoming building journey.

There are a few steps to complete before your new home is ready for building, including any permits (if applicable), loan approval and final construction drawings. Our experienced team will take you through these necessary steps and explain what’s required.


Duration 16 - 24 weeks
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Step 6: Site start

This is the official start of the construction process. We will send a letter confirming construction has commenced.

Step 7: Base

Base stage is the first major milestone in the construction of your new home, with the laying of your concrete slab. You will receive an introductory phone call from your site supervisor who will now be on-site for the duration of your build. You are invited to inspect this stage by appointment with your Construction Supervisor. If you wish to do so, please contact them directly. 

Step 8: Frame

Your new home is taking shape. Framing carpenters erect the wall frames and the roof trusses. A qualified Building Surveyor will inspect your frame upon completion, and you are also invited to inspect this stage by appointment with your Construction Supervisor. If you wish to do so, please contact them directly. 

Step 9: Lock-up

During this step, the brickwork, roof tiles, external doors and windows are put in place. You are also invited to inspect this stage by appointment with your Construction Supervisor. If you wish to do so, please contact them directly. 

Step 10: Fixing

Plaster is installed to the internal walls and ceilings. You will also see the installation of the skirting boards, architraves, internal doors and cabinets in the kitchen, ensuite, bathroom and powder room (if applicable). You are also invited to inspect this stage by appointment with your Construction Supervisor. If you wish to do so, please contact them directly. 

Step 11: Completion

You are at the final stage in the completion of your new home. During this stage, you will see the painting and tiling completed. The electrical and plumbing done, stone bench tops (where applicable), door furniture, shower screens and mirrors are installed. Any external render will also be completed. Towards the end of this stage, your Construction Supervisor will arrange for your new home presentation and a settlement date will also be confirmed with you at this appointment. A thorough quality assurance inspection is conducted by a dedicated Quality Assurance Team, and the certificate of occupancy is issued. 

Step 12: Settlement

Congratulations! Your new home has been completed and is ready for you to move in. On the day of settlement, you will meet your Construction Supervisor who will conduct an on-site handover. Appliances will be installed at an agreed time after settlement has taken place. You will need to meet with your Client Liaison Executive at Carlisle Homes’ head office to take ownership of the keys to your new home.


Duration 4 - 5 weeks

Step 13: Creating your Carlisle Home Care Account

Carlisle Home Care enables you to submit items (with photos) via your phone or other devices relating to the warranty of your new home. This is a fully interactive online tool that will manage all works that require attention.

Step 14: Agreed works

Should there be anything that needs touching up or repairing this is when we organise those works for you.

Step 15: Completion of works

All agreed works are completed and will be accessible for you to track via your CHC account.

This overview to building your Carlisle Home is to be used as a guide only, and is not legal advice. Please refer to contract documentation for specific details.

Building payment process

All payments are nominated in the HIA Building Contract and are as follows

  • Initial deposit of $2,000 (this secures your base price, site start allocation and inclusions) – This deposit is non refundable
  • $3,000 due at Pre-Contract virtual appointment
  • Balance of 5% of contract value due at Contract stage
  • 15% contract value due at Base stage
  • 30% of contract value due at Frame stage
  • 19% of contract value due at Lock-up stage
  • 21% of contract value due at Fixing stage
  • Final progress payment is due at Settlement (10% of contract value, plus any unpaid variations)

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