Affordable & Efficient: Meet Our Great All-Electric Packages

by Carlisle Homes

Our all-electric packages are a cut above the rest – here’s how they offer better value and everyday performance, so it’s easy to go green.


It’s official: gas is being phased out across Victoria, and from 2024 all new homes will be connected to electricity. The switch to all-electric is expected to save homeowners upwards of $1,000 per year in energy bills (and more, if you’ve got solar), while being kinder to the environment. 

Our all-electric packages are worth getting excited about – unlike many other builders on the market, we’re offering them at the same great prices you’d previously get with our gas packages, coupled with better performance and efficiency. So, from just $4,999, you can power your home the cleaner, greener way, without ever running the risk of a cold shower!


All-electric made better at Carlisle

Until now, there have been serious concerns about whether the all-electric packages provided by builders are sufficient to create a truly comfortable home – crucial elements, like having a hot water system big enough to ensure that everyone in the family can enjoy a hot shower, and a heating/cooling system that warms and cools your home just the way you like it. 

At Carlisle, we’ve designed our all-electric packages a little differently. We’ve carefully tailored them to perfectly suit the size of your home – in particular, the number of bathrooms you have – so you can make your home more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, without compromising on day-to-day comfort.


At Carlisle, we’ve carefully tailored our all-electric packages to perfectly suit the size of your home by covering three key elements: cooking, hot water and heating and cooling.

All-electric packages

Our all-electric packages, which start from $4,999, cover three key elements in your home: cooking, hot water and heating/cooling.

1. Induction cooktop in the kitchen

Sleek in looks and powerful and precise in its cooking capabilities, an electric induction cooktop makes a great alternative to traditional gas. It offers instant heat while being relatively cool to the touch (a helpful safety feature if you have children), and can simply be wiped clean without the need to scrub.

Induction cooktops have come a long way in recent years – these energy-efficient appliances are now more affordable, come in more sizes, and are available from a greater number of brands. As part of your all-electric Carlisle package, you can choose from a wide selection of induction cooktops from leading kitchen appliance names for your new kitchen.

2. Electric heat-pump hot water system

An electric heat-pump hot water system, which works by transferring heat in the air outside the unit to the water inside the water tank, is the perfect way to save energy while heating your home’s water. Like solar hot-water systems, which use the sun’s energy, they will save you money in the long-term – while being kinder to the environment.

At Carlisle, we understand how important it is to have a continuous and reliable hot water supply, particularly if you’re in a large home or have a big family. Our electric heat-pump hot water systems are tailored to suit the size of your home so everyone in the family can enjoy a hot shower. So, for example, if your home has four showers, our packages will include separate heat-pump systems on either side of your home, located close to the bathrooms.  

3. Ducted reverse-cycle heating & cooling

The third element in our all-electric homes package is an energy-smart, reverse-cycle heating and cooling system. This shouldn’t be confused with an in-wall, split heating/cooling system – our all-electric system provides ducted heating and cooling via ducts in your ceiling, just like a gas-ducted system.

Again, to ensure absolute comfort all-year-round, the Carlisle system is specifically sized to suit your home’s proportions, and consists of either a single unit that can heat or cool your whole house without zoning, or a zoned heating/cooling system.  

Our control system is another point of difference. At Carlisle, you can upgrade from standard two-zone control, which lets you heat or cool one zone at a time, such as your living area or bedrooms, to a superior MyAir control system. The MyAir control system lets you zone as many different rooms in your home as you like, and heat or cool them simultaneously. So, you might choose to heat your bedrooms upstairs before you go to bed, while heating your downstairs living room at the same time.

Not sure about the best way to zone your heating and cooling? Our Carlisle experts are here to help you plan the perfect set-up to suit the way you use and live in your home.


There are many good reasons to go all-electric, that's why when you build with Carlisle Homes, you now have that option. Pictured here is the Sebel 29 display at Tarneit.

A sustainable home for a healthier future

At Carlisle, we’re passionate about building beautiful, healthy homes that are gentle on the environment and affordable to run. All our homes are six-star energy-rated and now, with our all-electric offering, we can provide:

  • Induction cooktops
  • Electric heat-pump hot water systems
  • Ducted reverse-cycle heating & cooling
  • Plus, optional upgrades to other sustainable, energy-saving features like solar panels, double-glazed doors and rainwater tank


"As we move toward the future of sustainable living, building an all-electric home marks a pivotal step in our commitment to environmental responsibility. Our journey is not just about constructing walls and roofs; it's about weaving a greener narrative into the designs of all our homes.” – John Doulgeridis, Managing Director, Carlisle Homes

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