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Are you looking for 11m frontage house plans that match the home of your dreams? 

Look no further. Carlisle Homes specialises in creating house designs that work for all families.

With over 20 years of experience developing high-quality home designs, Carlisle Homes has become a trusted name in the construction industry. It’s more than just our livelihood - we’re passionate about creating 11m frontage home designs that you and your family will love for years to come. View our display homes if you want to see what we’re capable of.

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House & Land package Specialists

House & Land Packaging Range

Carlisle own the largest range of house and land stock on the market and offer fixed price house and land packages.

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Wide range of low cost facades

Low Cost Facade Range

In comparison to the industry the facade options and pricing range provides Carlisle Homes with a market advantage

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Customer Service at Carlisle

Superior Customer Service

High care factor throughout the process from start to finish. This is reflected via industry leading build times and build quality.

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Our 11 Metre Frontage House Designs

Keen for a living area with room for growing families? Love a parent’s retreat? Want to increase your street appeal and make a statement with a cutting-edge, modern design? We’ve done it before, and we can do it again even on a block with an 11m frontage.

Make the most of your land today. Talk to a home consultant from Carlisle and learn about all the opportunities available to you and your family.

Quality home design options with a HIA-awarded builder

Carlisle Homes believes the building process and floor plan selection stages should be transparent, easy to follow, and enjoyable. We’re excited to work with you to build quality homes the way you deserve.

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Amazing home building experience

We built our house with Carlisle EasyLiving and our overall experience with them has been really great. The best part was that most home designs came with all the inclusions that you would normally require to live in a house, unlike other builders. The house was complete within 3 months, without compromising on the quality of the build. If I happen to build another house, I will not look for any other builder than Carlisle.

Edgewood 23

Positive experience with a reliable builder

Our experience with Carlisle is very positive so far. The moment we stepped into their display home, we knew it was the perfect house design for us, that was also within our budget. We are thankful for the team and support assigned to us - they're very patient in answering all our questions. Overall, the team from Carlisle delivers well and we are grateful that this experience has been very good and smooth for us.

Rutherford 33

Carlisle Homes redefined perfection!

From A to Z, Carlisle took care of things for me very well. I had complete peace of mind having them build my first home & I knew I was right! The colour selection process was smooth and the sales rep was very helpful and cheerful. I received a very high class build and after-build support was great too. I'd build with Carlisle again without a doubt!

Highview 30
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Frequently asked questions

What happens during the settlement phase of my new home build?

Once your new home is complete, you enter the settlement phase and are ready to move in. On this day, you must meet with your Construction Supervisors, who will provide you with an on-site handover. 

After the settlement has taken place, appliances will be installed at an agreed time. You may also need to meet with your Client Liaison Executive at Carlisle Homes’ head office to take ownership of the keys to your new home.

How much does building a home with an 11m frontage design cost?

The cost of your newly built home will vary depending on your style, custom options you choose, location, and so on. Prices will also vary depending on whether you choose a single or double storey option to make the most of your narrow lot.

But Carlisle Homes typically will vary in pricing between $277,400 - $447,900. This does not include land packages.

What if something in my new home needs fixing or touching up after the build is complete?

If you notice something needs repairing or touching up in the first few months after moving in, contact us, and we will work to remedy the matter.

What are the 3 construction phase stages for building a new home?

Carlisle Homes is diligent and efficient when building new homes. The actual time to build a home may vary and consist of the following three phases.

Phase 1: Pre-site. During this process, you will refine your home plan with your specific needs, determine what standard inclusions you would like, and sign any required contracts with us. At this time, we will also begin collecting the necessary permits and loan approvals to begin construction.

Phase 2: The construction begins. At this time, you can check up on the process at any point with the help of Carlisle Connect, our digital interactive tool that allows you to have the whole construction process available at the touch of a button. You can monitor progress, access user guides, watch financial milestones, and view manuals and warranties. 

Phase 3: Finally, the warranty phase begins. As you move into this next stage of home ownership, we put you in charge of the warranty process with the introduction of our new Home Care App. 

Our Home Care app enables you to raise any warranty requests you may have, at a time and place that suits you. Use your computer or your smart device to submit items with photos so we can guide you through the warranty process. 

There’s no need to make an appointment. No pressure to remember all your questions at once. Use the portal at any time you wish, from 14 days after handover of your new home. Please be aware times mentioned above may change depending on current market conditions.


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