Better Care: Our Customer Promise

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It’s not about being the biggest; it’s about being the best.

At Carlisle, we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations every step of the way. From the moment you first step into our display homes, our dedicated team of experts are focused on providing you with a better experience throughout the entire home building process. It’s why the HIA awarded us as Australia’s Most Professional Major Builder for 2023 and it’s why our customers have rated us 4.7 stars on Product Review.

And we truly believe in providing you with a better experience; so much so that we have a Customer Promise - a written commitment to ensure that providing the best possible customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. Our dedication to excellence can be felt at every step in your build process, from selecting your floorplan to opening your new home’s front door, as we strive to make your journey stress-free.

Our commitment to you

We make building your dream home an enjoyable and rewarding experience by:

  • Communicating with you in the way you choose
  • Welcoming your feedback throughout the process
  • Addressing issues promptly

Our commitment to service

We go the extra mile to deliver service excellence at every level by:

  • Being polite, clear and straightforward with you
  • Appointing dedicated and experienced people as points of service
  • Staying in touch with regular progress reports during construction and 14 days after settlement
  • Explaining the entire building process up front
  • Responding to your general enquiries within one working day

Our commitment to quality

We aim to deliver a home that exceeds your expectations by:

  • Delivering a display home quality build, on time
  • Conducting several on-site inspections throughout construction
  • Providing a quality assurance inspection
  • Providing easy to understand documents

Our commitment to making the experience better

We’re in this building process together so we ask that you as a customer:

  • Be complete and accurate in your dealings with us
  • Extend mutual courtesy and respect to our team
  • Take time to understand your obligations and strive to fulfill them
  • Thoroughly read our documentation and seek clarification if necessary
  • Be honest and transparent with us
  • Ensure all interactions and communication (written and verbal) with us supports our Zero Harm environment. 
View our Zero Harm policy

Our commitment to problem solving

We make issue resolution easier by:

  • Promptly attending to all issues and disputes with transparency
  • Creating opportunities to discuss all issues openly and fairly
  • Answering your query with a formal response within 7 working days

Having spent most of my life in the residential building industry, I know that building a new home can be just as exciting as it is daunting. That’s why from the very beginning, our focus at Carlisle Homes has been on exceeding our customers’ expectations, every step of the way. It’s our unwavering commitment and dedication to personal service that allows us to build homes of exceptional quality for each and every customer.


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