Downsizing your home in comfort and style

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A smaller house can be a greater home

Done the right way, downsizing can be an opportunity to highlight and cherish all the things you value the most. Our downsizing tips can help you do just that.  Though retirement tends to be the first to spring to mind, there are endless reasons why people downsize their homes. Whatever your reason, it’s only natural that a major change brings some anxiety with it.

Selling and moving into a smaller space could net you some extra cash, but will your new space be as comfortable and convenient? Will you have to move away from family members and the community? Not necessarily. We’ve helped countless clients with downsizing into comfortable homes in some of Melbourne’s best communities and neighbourhoods. Now it’s your turn. Here are tips and tricks we’ve learned.

Tips for downsizing your home

The downsizing process is an emotional decision as much as it is a practical one. You’re not just saving money; you’re building a new life for yourself. So before you worry about hiring a storage unit and finding a full-service moving company, take a moment to prioritise your needs. Having that clarity of purpose will make decision-making far easier. We’ve created a list of the six most important downsizing house tips we’ve learned. Take a look.

Start early. The sooner you start defining your vision for a modest life, the quicker, easier and more joyful the process will be when the time comes.

Know where you’re downsizing to. Think about what kind of a home you need, but also consider the community or location you want to live in.

Get the family involved. Whether you have adult children or a clique of best friends, your loved ones can take family heirlooms and create new tokens.

Start with the rooms you won’t have. If you don’t have storage space for the furniture in your fourth room or outdoor deck, the decision to get rid of it becomes a lot easier.

Keep, donate, sell and dump. Divide everything you have into those four groups. Knowing the things you love will have a second life makes it easier to let them go.

Downsizing for retirement

More than half of all Australians over 55 have considered downsizing. Many owned their current homes outright or had mortgages. Some still had their kids living with them. Yes, retirement downsizing is often about creating a more affordable life, but it’s just as often about creating a more comfortable one with less stuff cluttering up your living spaces

There are two things you need to consider when downsizing for retirement. The first is your new home. Modern construction standards will put a reliably sturdy roof over your head. You can build a luxurious yet affordable home packed with high-quality, energy-efficient features and amenities.

The second thing to consider is community. There are several stunning residential estates in development across Victoria. Some offer a peaceful resort-style life; others provide a metropolitan buzz. Build in one of them, and you’ll have a safe, tight-knit community to retire in. But if where you are suits you just fine or you’ve found another block in your local community, consider a knockdown rebuild and retire right where you are.


Downsizing home checklist

Every case is different, so in this downsizing checklist, we’ve listed the big-picture decisions you need to make. Once made, you’ll have a solid foundation to begin planning the next chapter of your life.

Have you chosen the right home?

Think about what you actually need from your new home besides space and affordability. Make sure it has the amenities and features you need to practice your hobbies, entertain your guests and spend time with your loved ones.

This is the time to decide whether you ought to build your retirement home or buy one.

Have you chosen the right community?

Think about who and what you want around you. Downsizing is a great opportunity to move closer to friends and family, but it’s also your chance to move to the kind of community you’ve always wanted to be a part of. If you’re building a more affordable house, you might consider investing more money to live in a more expensive suburb or estate.

You also need to consider the availability of essential services. Consider where the closest shopping centres, entertainment venues, nature parks and hospitals are.

Have you chosen the right builder

No matter how well prepared you are for retirement, the transition is still a vulnerable and emotional time for everyone. You need a reputable builder that can offer transparency and that’s willing to earn your trust. Knowing that they’re working on scheduling and aren’t cutting corners will save you from waves of unnecessary anxiety and stress.

As it happens, Carlisle Homes have earned a raft of industry awards for the reliability, transparency and ethics of our business practices.


Economical home designs to downsize to

Carlisle Homes have over 80 functional and beautiful home designs to suit all lifestyles, including retirement living. You’ll find several options that fit your budget. Once you’ve found one you like, perfect it with our personalisation service.



The Rothwell offers luxurious open-plan living for the entire family. The kitchen, meals and living areas flow into the alfresco along with spacious bedrooms, bathroom and dedicated study nook.

View Home Design


Indulge in the ultimate living experience with the Amberley, now even more impressive with the addition of a grand pantry. View more homes at Carlisle Homes.

View Home Design


The Granville is the ultimate family home with 3 living spaces, expansive kitchen with grand pantry, large island bench and ample storage.

View Home Design

House and land packages for downsizing

Our packages can help you save money and find a brand-new community to go with your new home. We’ve locked up beautiful blocks of land in some of Melbourne’s most beautiful flourishing and upcoming estates. Our home and land packages give those considering downsizing the opportunity to enter a new stage of life in style and all at a fixed price.

View packages

Downsize with Carlisle Homes

We’ve been extremely fortunate to have built new homes for Australians at every stage of life. We worked hard to earn their trust, and we’re confident we can also earn yours. Book a consultation with our specialists, and we’ll show just how exciting downsizing into a new home can be. Let’s get started.


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