Building a home on your own land    


Develop your land with Melbourne’s master builders  

The joy of owning your own home on your own land is the great Australian dream. Carlisle Homes can help make that dream come true, but there are major considerations you need to take into account. Our specialists are here to help you explore how to build a house if you already own the land you want to build on.  

Owning land is an extraordinary opportunity. It’s not just the value of the land or the security of having it that matters, it’s the freedom to develop it as you see fit and to build your own house just the way you want. But, whether you’re buying land or developing an existing block, the construction process comes with a few risks. Having an experienced home builder on your side who can assist in identifying blind spots will help you avoid pitfalls and get the job done the right way.

What you need to know

Choosing land  

If you already own the land you want to build a home on, perfect. But if you’re still looking to buy land, it will be worth getting your preferred house builder to analyse your shortlist of blocks. We (if you’ll have us) will test the soil of your site and ensure it can access utilities. We’ll also offer recommendations on if and how the block needs to be prepared for construction; for example, whether you need trees removed or the site to be cleared. Our discoveries at this stage are the starting point for your building plans.

The building costs  

If you intend to manage the building process yourself as an owner-builder, take care to set a realistic budget. You’ll have to account for the purchase price of the land and pay stamp duty, but you’ll also need to engage several specialists and purchase high-quality and energy-efficient construction materials to ensure the integrity of your new home. Carlisle’s highly-awarded team already have processes to ensure every step of the process is checked and re-checked, and all at a fixed price  

Local council  

Getting permission from local councils is the first step to building your own home, even if you own the land outright. It’s a council’s duty to enforce regulations, so you’ll need to submit design details, such as the position of the house on the land, for their review-feedback-approval process. Carlisle is familiar with these regulations and accounts for them right from the start, making building with us a smoother path to your new home  

The process of building a home on your own land    

Construction is always a complicated process, but by stepping it out clearly, it becomes far more manageable. At Carlisle Homes, we have a transparent, seamless process to help you build your dream home on your land.    

Step 1: Book your consultation

The easiest step. Our design specialists will talk you through the process of testing your land, working with your council, material and labour costs, and how to begin construction.

Step 2: Choose your design and personalise it

Explore our range of stunning house designs. Once you’ve found one you love, personalise every detail at our industry-leading, state-of-the-art Spectra Showroom

Step 3: Apply for grants and financing

There are several state and federal government grants and concessions available to home builders. We’ll help you apply for the right ones.

Step 4: Tender and contract signing

Now that you know what kind of house you want to build on your land, we’ll draw up the contracts so that we can get the process started.

Step 5: Building begins

What more needs to be said? Our trusted construction team will ensure everything is in order and begin construction on your dream home.

Step 6: Here are your keys

Once construction is complete and you’ve made your final payment, we’ll have our specialists review your home and land to ensure everything is safe and ready. Then, we’ll hand over your keys.

  Pick the perfect home design for your land  

Our design experts have developed over 80 stunning house designs for you to choose from. Choose from single and double-storey designs with three, four and five bedrooms. Whether you’re after supreme luxury or compact economy, we have a plan perfect for your needs and your land.  



The Astoria will charm you from the beginning and endless practicality will ensure you instantly fall in love with this home.

View Home Design


The beautiful Clovelly radiates luxury and contemporary design with its large open-plan living zones. View more homes at Carlisle Homes.

View Home Design

Secure financing to build on your land    

Financing doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. Get in touch, and our in-house financing team will help you apply for relevant grants and compare loan products. We’ll also introduce you to our partners at Mortgage Domayne, who specialise in finance for those building a new home.   

  • No-obligation financial advice
  • MFAA-approved specialists
  • Analyse and compare hundreds of loan products
  • Gain a clear idea of your financial needs
  • Expert advice on loan servicing
  • Apply for government grants and concessions
  • Save time, money and stress

Build your dream home on your own land with Carlisle Homes

Building your own home is an exciting time, though it can sometimes be a little daunting or overwhelming. But the reward? More than worth it! We’ve helped countless landowners build their dream homes. Get in touch, and let us help you design, finance and construct your perfect house.


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