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Small home contemporary living begins with our expertise in modern architecture


Unlike what most people think, small houses can be both beautiful and spacious.

It’s not about the square meterage of your block dictating what you can do with your small house design. Rather, it’s all about what’s on the inside that matters. Feel comfortable with open, airy spaces in a small home that still boasts grand architecture and serious style.

Our small house designs are space-efficient, affordable, and far more accessible when it comes to maintenance for those busy families with too many things on the go at once. We design small houses Melbourne and Geelong residents have loved for decades. Let our creative design team get started on a home that gives you extra living space without having to follow the Tiny House movement.

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In comparison to the industry the facade options and pricing range provides Carlisle Homes with a market advantage

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Our Small Home Designs

Many people think that small houses aren’t for them. They believe with less space on their block, there must also be less space inside. That’s where they’re wrong. At Carlisle Homes, we’ve worked with thousands of local families with small houses.

But they all have walked away with a stunning, spacious 3, 4 or (dare we say) even a 5 bedroom home on a supposedly “small block”. Let us also help you take your dream to new heights no matter how small you think your house size is!

Our exceptional quality homes are only made possible because of you

Carlisle Homes does what it does best, thanks to the support of its amazing clients. We turn our designs into your dream home with the help of your intuitive input and can’t wait to help you with your small house layout design. Small home designs may sound limiting, but Carlisle Homes is here to subvert the narrative and make big dreams happen no matter the house size you can afford.

Outgrown your old home? 
Consider a knockdown rebuild.

Over 100 floorplan designs

Choose from over 100 floorplans

Looking for a designer kitchen, oversized walk-in robe, or 5-bedroom home design? With Carlisle’s meticulously designed floorplans, you can build your dream home with beautiful living spaces for your family and friends.

Premium facade range

Select your facade

Our facade design range includes premium features like timber detailing, glass balustrading and much more, at an affordable price. From contemporary style to resort feel, we have the perfect facade for your home.

Customise your home with the Spectra Showroom

Customise with Spectra

At our award-winning Spectra Selection Centre, you’ll be able to see and touch a wide range of quality products; with design consultants on hand to guide you through selecting the finishes for your home.

Build your dream home with Carlisle Homes

We build your dream home

Our build time guarantee gives you ultimate peace of mind – so you’ll know the date that you’ll be moving into your dream home.

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Amazing home building experience

We built our house with Carlisle EasyLiving and our overall experience with them has been really great. The best part was that most home designs came with all the inclusions that you would normally require to live in a house, unlike other builders. The house was complete within 3 months, without compromising on the quality of the build. If I happen to build another house, I will not look for any other builder than Carlisle.

Edgewood 23

Positive experience with a reliable builder

Our experience with Carlisle is very positive so far. The moment we stepped into their display home, we knew it was the perfect house design for us, that was also within our budget. We are thankful for the team and support assigned to us - they're very patient in answering all our questions. Overall, the team from Carlisle delivers well and we are grateful that this experience has been very good and smooth for us.

Rutherford 33

Carlisle Homes redefined perfection!

From A to Z, Carlisle took care of things for me very well. I had complete peace of mind having them build my first home & I knew I was right! The colour selection process was smooth and the sales rep was very helpful and cheerful. I received a very high class build and after-build support was great too. I'd build with Carlisle again without a doubt!

Highview 30
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Frequently asked questions

Are your small house designs perfect for empy nesters?

If you’re looking for a home design that’s ideal for retirement-age couples whose adult children have grown up and flown the coop, then Carlisle Homes has options for you. We can get you the fit of your dreams with many available facades and modern home designs.

Search through our floor plan ranges and select something that fits your ideal for the most “cozy home.” Then, when you’re confident you’ve chosen something you want, give it your personal touch! We serve growing families, parents of adult children, retirees, and anyone who wants a small custom home that matches their lifestyle.

Are your small house designs suited to families?

Yes! Through smart house design and architecture, we have helped hundreds of Melbourne families feel at home no matter how small their block size is.

Our small house designs boast open, airy spaces and an overall feeling of grandness and spaciousness. Better yet, we specialise in bringing to life 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes suitable for families of any size. You’ll all feel at home no matter the size of your block. That’s what we do best here at Carlisle Homes and we have thousands of happy families to back us up.

Where can I get the best possible financial advice for my new home?

Everyone’s lifestyle is different, and everyone’s budget is different. Carlisle Homes has searched far and wide to find a service that can match the quality of what it offers to its clients. We have in-house construction finance specialists who can provide our clients with the financial advice they need, no matter their house size.

Purchasing a home is easily one of the most significant decisions anyone may make in their life! We’re confident that our mortgage experts can give you the insights you need and help you compare multiple different loan options to provide you with the right solution.

How long does it take Carlisle Homes to build a small house?

On average, building a Carlisle Homes home takes 7-10 months. This is just a rough estimation, as the timeframe may change depending on if you choose any luxury inclusions, your square footage, outlying factors and more. But, our process is roughly the same each time. There’s a pre-site phase, taking between 10-12 weeks, a construction phase, lasting between 16-24 weeks, and a warranty phase (4-5 weeks.)

The pre-site phase is when you finalise your small house floor plan with our expert designers. We can also help you acquire any loan approvals and permits you require before construction can begin.

Then, we move to construction. This phase ends when you have the keys to your new home in hand.

Finally, the warranty phase begins. As you move into this next stage of home ownership, we put you in charge of the warranty process with the introduction of our new Home Care App.

Our Home Care app enables you to raise any warranty requests you may have, at a time and place that suits you. Use your computer or your smart device to submit items with photos so we can guide you through the warranty process.

There’s no need to make an appointment. No pressure to remember all your questions at once. Use the portal at any time you wish, from 14 days after handover of your new home.

What sort of inclusions does Carlisle Homes offer?

Our Inspire and Affinity Collection homes come with an extensive range of premium and luxury inclusions that can make your home uniquely yours. Inclusions enable growing families to customise their homes how they choose, splurge on European appliances, enjoy designer tapware, elegant kitchens, expansive island benches, and so much more.


What features can you include in my small home design?

With Carlisle Homes, your options are abundant no matter the size or house width we’re working with. You can enjoy open plan living areas, spacious bathrooms and more!

While we can add other features, we may not be able to add all the features you’d like. Your block size and council regulations may impact our ability to include certain features on your block. In any case, our expert designers will work with you to fit in as many of the most important features, so you make the most of your small house design.

Are small homes better for first home buyers?

While small homes can save time on a lot of decision-making and still be the “perfect home” for smaller families or young couples buying their first home, your circumstances may vary. Maybe you have the budget and would prefer a larger home. It depends on your needs, the style you want, and more. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to discuss your needs and desires with Carlisle Homes’ experts.

Will I be kept up to date with the build process?

Yes! You can check out each build process step through our app Carlisle Connect. Carlisle Connect is an interactive virtual tool through which you can view your financial milestones, access user guides, warranties, manuals and more. And you can do so entirely from your own bedroom, office, or wherever in the world you are! We prioritise customer satisfaction above all else, so we are proud to offer a way for you to stay involved with every step of the process.

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