Our Step by Step Guide: Set Up a Playful Kids’ Study Nook

by Carlisle Homes


Encourage creativity and concentration with a study nook your little ones will love. Here’s our guide to setting up the perfect study area for your kids.

Getting your kids to do their homework can feel like an uphill battle at times, but give them a clearly defined spot to study and that’s half the battle won. The trick is making it an appealing space they’ll actually want to spend time in. Sound impossible? Not at all: add in colour, comfort and playful touches and they’ll be hitting the books in no time.

Follow this step-by-step guide from our interior designers to find out how.


Include all the essentials

Start by defining the area with a desk chair, colourful rug and desk lamp. A swivel chair, like this one from Ikea, is a good option as it can be adjusted to suit your child’s height and won’t take up a lot of room – plus many kids learn better when they’re allowed to move around. Choose one with good back support and soft, upholstered seating so your little one can sit comfortably for long stretches.

Add in an adjustable desk lamp with good illumination to reduce the chance of eye strain. Complete the look with a bright and cheery rug your child can sink their toes into. Ensure the rug is wide enough to contain all the legs of their desk chair, but not so large that it encroaches on the adjacent living area or passageway.

For older children, be sure to include sufficient power points and charging stations for laptops and mobile phones in their homework area.

And don’t forget those other elements essential to study; natural light, ventilation and peace and quiet.


Try introducing a child-friendly, patterned wallpaper in a neutral tone to ground the space, then, add fun and flair with pops of bold brights in artwork and decor items.

Consider colour carefully

Soft neutrals and pastels create a calm vibe that will help your child concentrate. But don’t forget this is a kids’ area – you can add fun and flair with pops of bold brights in artwork, decor items and desk accessories. Then, line the rear wall with a child-friendly, patterned wallpaper in a neutral tone to ground the space, while adding depth and interest.

Add touches of fun

Is your child bored at the very thought of homework? Make it enjoyable by styling their study nook with playful touches, such as brightly coloured prints like this one by ArtbyKarolina, characterful objects and displays of their favourite collectibles.

When the homework is done, it’s time to get creative! Having a good array of craft supplies on hand is guaranteed to get your child’s creative juices flowing. Store pens, paints and coloured paper in easy-access containers on their desk or a space-savvy pegboard hung on the wall. Milligram, Kikki. K and Officeworks are great places to get everything you need.


Make study time enjoyable by styling the space with playful touches, such as brightly coloured prints, characterful objects and displays of your little ones favourite collectibles.

Make it practical

Encourage your little study worm to do their research in books rather than online by keeping a dictionary and reference books close to hand. Stack them in neat piles on their desk or arrange them on overhead shelves.

Make it easy for your child to keep the area tidy by adding in desktop folders and baskets for papers and supplies. If they need additional storage, consider popping a chest of drawers or filing cabinet under the desk.

Add touchable textures

Incorporate tactile natural materials such as timber picture frames and display items, and cotton or linen chair upholstery to introduce a calm, natural feel. Up the comfort factor with a cosy woollen throw and a soft cushion.

Make it mobile

You’ll want your child’s study nook to last them from early primary school through to high school. Their tastes and interests will change considerably over that time, so aim to keep desktop accessories and decor items small and replaceable so they can easily be updated without too much trouble or expense.


Make it easy for your child to keep the area tidy by adding in desktop folders and baskets. If they need additional storage, consider popping a chest of drawers or filing cabinet under the desk.

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