How to Set (and Stick to) Big Family Goals in 2024

by Carlisle Homes

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2024 has officially arrived, and with it the chance to set some new family resolutions for the year ahead, whether it’s a life-changing goal like building your own home, or a simple one like enjoying more meals together without the screens or phones. Here are some popular family goals to reach for, and how to keep everyone on track.

Achieving what you want in life, be it a home of your own, spending more quality time with the family or getting healthier, is far more likely to happen when you set specific, actionable goals. And there’s no better time to put them in motion than the start of a brand new year.

Ready to transform your family’s life in 2024? This is where you start.    

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When setting goals for the new year, focus on what’s really going to make a difference to your family, whether it’s something big like a home of your own or something smaller but no less impactful, like spending time together.   

Be specific

The first step is to define clear objectives for the coming year. Consider what your family really wants and needs, for example, a home of your own, to live more sustainably, an overseas holiday, or fewer after-school activities so that everyone can breathe a bit more in the year ahead.

Discuss why these goals are important to your family, write them down, and make clear the role, however small, everyone has to play in reaching them.

Create time for togetherness

Make spending time together as a family a priority. Whether it’s a weekly game night, outdoor adventures, or family movie nights, carving out dedicated moments for bonding will strengthen your family’s connections.

Model a healthy lifestyle

Boost your family’s mental and physical wellbeing by setting some new health-related goals in 2024. This could involve creating a designated exercise space at home, planning nutritious meals, or starting a new routine where you go for a Sunday morning family bike ride or walk.

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Get the whole family jazzed about working towards a big goal, like building your own house, by exploring our beautiful 70+ display homes either online or in-person.

Set financial goals

Monetary resolutions are a big one when it comes to life-changing goals like saving for your own home, a new car, or a big overseas getaway.

While a new savings plan will invariably fall in Mum and Dad’s domain, it’s important for everyone to understand that it’s a goal you’re working towards for the good of the whole family. This builds momentum and gets everyone excited about the future. Plus, it can help younger ones understand why you may be cutting back on little things like takeaways and cafe treats.

Make your dream of home ownership a reality

Can you imagine being in your very own home this time next year? With commitment and a solid savings plan in place, you can make it happen.

At Carlisle, we offer home designs for every budget, household set-up and lifestyle, so it’s easy to find the perfect design to fit your family’s specific requirements, whatever they might be.

Start the ball rolling and get everyone jazzed about the next stage in your family’s life, with a visit to one (or more) of our 70-plus beautiful display homes, located right across Melbourne. While you’re there, take a look around the local area, and get a sense of what your new lifestyle and neighbourhood could be like.

Choose features that will elevate your lifestyle

So, what sets a mediocre home apart from a great one? A brilliant floorplan. When you’re thinking ‘dream home’, consider how you and your family will actually use it, and choose a design that delivers all the space, functionality and flexibility you need.

At Carlisle, we’re known for our flexible, joyful and liveable floorplans – in fact, we’ve won multiple esteemed industry awards for them.

Our 200-plus floorplans provide oodles of space for everyone to come together, entertain and create lasting memories, as well as serene, private areas where you can spend time apart. And they all boast lashings of natural daylight, seamless indoor-outdoor flow, and beautiful, premium-quality finishes.

You can learn more about what makes Carlisle floorplans better than the competitions’ in this article.

Get expert guidance

Seeking outside support, be it from professionals, mentors or wise family members, can give you valuable insights and encouragement to help you reach a major goal faster.

If you’re on a mission to build your own home, have a chat with the friendly sales team at our display homes for advice on how to make your dream happen. We also have financial specialists on-hand to help you find the right home loan or set a realistic budgeting goal. 

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Water-efficient tapware and showerheads in your bathrooms, a solar hot-water system, and a high-performance entry door come as standard in your Carlisle home, lowering your quarterly bills and your home’s impact on the environment.

Be more sustainable

Another goal you may wish to set for 2024 is to live more lightly on the earth and reduce your energy bills.

The first step is to choose a home designed with energy-efficient features. At Carlisle, all our homes are six-star energy-rated, regardless of orientation, and come with green features like a solar hot-water system, water-efficient taps and showerheads, and Enviroseal entry door frames at no extra cost.

You can also upgrade your home with an energy-saving, all-electric system, double-glazed windows, sound insulation, and an energy-usage monitor, so you can track and adjust your power consumption with a goal of lowering your bills.

Making a family commitment to adopt some new, earth-friendly habits can help too, whether it’s reducing household waste, being mindful about switching off electronics and devices when you’re not using them, or planting your own vegetable garden. 

Tips to stick to your goals

Breaking big goals down into small, achievable steps means you and the family are more likely to sustain them throughout the year. Other ways you can keep everyone on track include:  

  • Create a family vision board: Fill it with images and words that represent your family’s aspirations for the new year, whether it’s your dream home or a healthy and active lifestyle. Position the board in a spot where everyone can see it, so it acts as a daily reminder of your family’s goals, values and priorities.
  • Schedule regular check-ins: Make time for regular family meetings to assess progress, discuss any challenges, and adjust your goals, if necessary (because let’s face it, life happens!).
  • Mark milestones: Celebrate achievements, no matter how small, in order to boost everyone’s morale and reinforce the positive impact of your family’s efforts.
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