Season 2 - Episode 6

The Real Story: A Customer's Journey

by Carlisle Homes

Season 2 - Episode 2: Affordable Abode: Budgets and Finances

Having learned so much about the process of building your first home throughout this second season of Home Files, it makes sense to chat with someone who’s been through the process themselves.

Joining us in the studio for our last episode for the season is Karlie McQuillan, a Carlisle customer who has recently built and moved into her brand-new EasyLiving home. Karlie provides a candid account of her journey, from navigating the challenges of a small lot to the excitement of moving in.

Also with us in the studio is Briana Russell, Client Liaison Executive for EasyLiving who plays a crucial role in guiding clients through the entire build journey.

Throughout this episode, Karlie covers the topics that we discussed throughout the season, including:

  • Karlie’s small lot housing code block, how she found the perfect home to fit, and why she chose Carlisle.
  • The role of a Customer Liaison Executive at Carlisle.
  • How Karlie discovered that building was the most financially achievable option for her to get into the market, and how she budgeted and saved for her first home deposit, including the government grants she took advantage of.
  • Karlie’s initial nervousness and excitement about each stage of the build journey.
  • Karlie’s experience making the colour selections for her new home and her sources of inspiration.
  • Briana takes us through the six steps of EasyLiving and her favourite part of the construction process.
  • How Karlie was kept up to date throughout her build, and how she navigated any of the challenges she faced.

Don’t miss this last episode of Season 2 of Home Files – the real story from a Carlisle customer. Press play and let Karlie take you on her home-building adventure.

We hope you’ve found this season of Home Files valuable as you embark on your journey to first home ownership because remember - life’s better in your very own place.
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Episode Credits

Special Guests:

Briana Russell – Customer Liaison Executive, Carlisle Homes

Karlie McQuillen – EasyLiving Customer


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