Karlie & Sam


For first-home buyers Karlie and Sam, choosing to build an EasyLiving home was a bold leap into independence, marking their first time living out of home.

When Karlie and Sam set out to purchase their first home, they quickly realised that building was not only more cost-effective than buying an existing property, but also offered the freedom to choose a home perfectly suited to their needs.


Regatta 19

(3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car)


Sierra (Hebel)


House: 19sq

Block: 14 x 21m


Clyde North 

Meridian Estate


Client needs:

Eager to enter the housing market with some exciting milestones on the horizon, Karlie and Sam faced the same challenge as most first-home buyers – a tight budget. They were mindful of not depleting their savings entirely, as they were also saving for their upcoming wedding and honeymoon. Opting for EasyLiving for their build, they were surprised to find that the required deposit was much smaller than initially expected, allowing them to maintain their lifestyle, while continuing to save for future plans.

Who lives here?

Newlyweds Karlie and Sam, with their cute Cavoodle Woody, and their fish, humorously named ‘the real swim-shady.’ They are enjoying their newfound independence and relishing the excitement of living on their own for the first time. They’ve truly embraced the best of their new journey together.

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In the beginning...

Living with Sam’s parents nearby, Karlie and Sam were keen to break into the housing market and get into their own place. Having done their research, they realised that finding an existing home close by and with everything they wanted, was not the best or most cost-effective solution for their needs and started exploring the possibility of building instead.

The recently engaged couple were acutely aware of the financial commitments coming up on the horizon for them.

“We were in the midst of saving for a house, and saving for a wedding as well, so we definitely needed our money to go as far as possible,” Karlie shares.

After consulting with a broker and weighing their options, they realised that building was financially the best path. “We only needed a small deposit upfront, compared with buying established which needed a much bigger deposit, and it actually worked out a bit cheaper to build” Karlie notes.

“We sought a lot of advice from our broker as to what grants we had access to, and we were eligible for the $10,000 First-Home Owner Grant (FHOG), which really helped bump up our savings,” she adds.  

The pair then commenced their search for the perfect block of land, with priority on securing the best location possible. “When you’re building out this way, there’s so many different estates to choose from, and we definitely struggled finding an estate, but then we found a fantastic land agent who helped us understand everything about the process,” Karlie recounts.

In September 2020, Karlie and Sam settled on a Small Lot Housing Code (SLHC) block within Meridian Estate, Clyde North. Shortly after, they discovered Carlisle’s EasyLiving range as the perfect solution for their compact block. They placed a deposit for their new Regatta 19 home in February 2021, eagerly anticipating the start of the build, bringing them one step closer to realising their dream of owning their first home.


Style of home

Karlie and Sam faced a challenge to find a home that matched the specific requirements of their small lot housing code block. “It was hard to find a home to suit our block, which had different requirements to a normal lot,” explains Karlie, “but fortunately Carlisle had a home that suited perfectly.”

“The land agent we worked with at Meridian was super helpful in explaining what we needed to look for when searching for a block,” explains Sam. “We thought we’d have to build a two-storey home to fit, but the land agent knew exactly what we’d need in a home and referred us to builders with homes that complied with smaller housing lot code blocks,” adds Karlie.  

Discovering the Regatta, they found that it perfectly aligned with their lifestyle and budget. “We didn’t miss out on anything we wanted in choosing a smaller lot,” explains Sam. “We didn’t need a home with bells and whistles, we just needed a home, and then we found the Regatta, and it worked for us perfectly.”  

With these newlyweds now well and truly settled into their new three-bedroom haven, they share their favourite spaces. “I love our lounge room, and we were lucky enough to get a rumpus option with the Regatta, which we’ve turned into a theatre, and we spend a lot of time in there watching a lot of movies,” smiles Karlie. “And playing Playstation,” adds Sam, laughing.  

“The kitchen and dining space is so open, due to the windows and the sliding doors out to the alfresco, so we get a lot of light in there where we can just sit and have a coffee,” says Karlie. “We chuck the music on in the morning and it’s just the best,” adds Sam.

Chatting with the couple, it’s palpable how proud they are of what they’ve achieved. “It’s so nice being able to come home to your own space. As much as we like being out with friends, it’s just so nice to have our own place that we both really just love,” surmises Sam. 

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Sierra (Hebel) Facade
Kitchen and Meals
Master Suite

Process & Timeline

Leaving the comforts of home for the first time is a milestone in itself, but for Karlie and Sam, they were also diving headfirst into the world of homeownership by building their dream from the ground up. “We were super nervous - it was such a huge life change for us, but we were also equally as excited ” the couple reminisce.

According to Karlie, their journey with Carlisle EasyLiving was ‘super simple.’ “From when we first signed and paid our deposit, through to colour selections and then into construction, everything was transparent with no unexpected surprises,” explains Karlie.

“When we made our colour selections, we walked into the display and there were twelve big colour boards on the wall with different colour schemes and choices available to us,” says Karlie. “So your flooring, benchtops, cabinetry that we could look at.”

“I definitely left that in your hands too,” laughs Sam, “and I was so happy with what you chose,” he adds.

The couple’s most significant milestone in their journey was stepping through the completed frame because they could finally see their home coming together – a testament to their dedication and hard work.  

“It went from this slab of concrete in the ground, to feeling like our home,” says Sam. “Walking into the rooms and picturing where stuff would be, it was incredible,” he adds.

“I can’t even describe the feeling; it was quite emotional” recalls Karlie. “Our families came, and it was beautiful being able to stand in the home together and imagine what it’s going to become,” she says. 

“I can’t even describe the feeling; it was quite emotional” recalls Karlie. “Our families came, and it was beautiful being able to stand in the home together and imagine what it’s going to become,” she says. 

And when asked about the construction process itself, the pair couldn’t be happier.

“Our Site Supervisor would contact us weekly and keep us up to date,” explains Sam. “Despite small delays during COVID with supply of materials, the regular communication and transparency meant we were always comfortable with the process,” he says. 

12 months later, the now married couple agree that it was all worth it. “Moving in was so rewarding,” says Karlie. “Even though we spent the night bickering over building flatpacks, it marked all of the time, effort and money we’d put into building our first home. And we couldn’t be prouder.” 

The floorplan



Karlie and Sam chose the Regatta 19 to create their dream home

Why Carlisle?

Having never built before, the couple diligently scoured the internet in their search to find the right builder for their new home.

“There’s so many builders in the market, it’s just so important to do your research,” says Karlie. “There’s a lot of information out there, take the time to understand what it is you are getting with your build,” she adds. When Karlie and Sam found the perfect EasyLiving home from Carlisle to suit their block, it was ultimately the positive customer feedback online that solidified their decision.

“Their customer feedback online made me feel quite confident in the build journey with them,” explains Karlie. “Based on that, they seemed to be the best in terms of customer journey,” adds Sam.  

And as it turned out, their instincts were spot on. “The processes they have in place made it easy for us. They’ve got really a really good team, so everyone kept us really informed and was super, super helpful,” says Karlie.

“COVID was one of the hardest times for building, and even then, our experience was amazing, and the build quality is incredible,” adds Sam. “We would 100 per cent build with Carlisle again.”.  

Top upgrades

On a limited budget, Karlie and Sam were focused on creating a house that would feel like home. 

“We found that Carlisle had the most amazing inclusions, so we didn’t need to upgrade very much at all,” says Karlie.

“When we walked in the EasyLiving display, it was literally what you see is what you get, so we knew exactly what we needed upfront,” says Sam.

“The things we added were all aesthetic, there was nothing missing from the house,” says Sam.

“And when I saw the colours we’d chosen from the schemes come together on our façade as it was getting built, it was unreal, the colours were perfect,” adds Karlie happily.

The couple agree that their home is perfect – with nothing they would change at all. 

Karlie & Sam's top upgrades included:

  •         Adding Caesarstone for our kitchen benchtop
  •         Tiled splashback in-lieu of glass in their kitchen
  •         Sliding doors to their walk-in-robes
  •         Increased ceiling and door heights
  •         Upgraded flooring


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