Warm Up Your Interior with These Seasonal Updates

by Carlisle Homes


As the temperature drops outside, winter is the perfect season to spend time indoors connecting with family and friends, which also makes it the ideal time to refresh your interior.

As the temperature drops outside, winter is the perfect season to spend time indoors connecting with family and friends, which also makes it the ideal time to refresh your interior.

The perfect antidote to the winter blues, this season's latest interior trends will bring so much Hygge (winter cosiness) that you’ll never want to leave the house again. Key trends include the introduction of natural elements and earthy tones and the reinvention of classic tones, including black and grey.

Join us as we explore the latest trends that are guaranteed to warm up your interior this winter.

Softly, softly with soft pinks

Pink has emerged as a true favourite of the uber stylish, exuding confidence and femininity at the same time.

Perfectly suited as an update to Scandinavian inspired interiors, when paired with timber, cream and soft greys, a few select touches of soft pink can come together to create a welcomingly warm feeling.

Winter-Warmers-Carlisle-Homes-Body-Image1_v2-1BODY 1.png

Adding a carpet runner or rug like the Paragon Rug in Primrose from Armadillo & Co is an easy way to incorporate a colour refresh and will keep your feet feeling warm in the colder months too.

If your existing colour scheme leans towards the bold, dusty pinks will add an extra dimension, here an area rug or feature wall will add immediate impact. If the thought of large swatches of colour is too confronting, just start small with some simple flourishes like cushions, artworks or throw rugs, that will bring an instant update to your space.

Winter-Warmers-Carlisle-Homes-Body-Image2-BODY 2.png

One of the simplest seasonal updates is to introduce new cushions as seen here.

Green is the new black

Green is more than a colour palette, it’s an attitude, and it’s for this very reason that it’s having a rise in popularity. It’s not just about bringing in pops of green colour in furnishings and accessories, but also about introducing living greenery like pot plants.

The use of green is not only a stylish colour update, it also has many positive influences on our sense of health and wellbeing. By increasing natural materials and colours in our interiors, we are able to reconnect with nature, which is especially important in the winter months when we’re less inclined to go outside. This is explored in the Dulux 2020 Colour Forecast Cultivate, which explains how green in our interiors offers an antidote to our busy modern lives and encourages us to unwind.

Our advice is to start by introducing plants, throws and accessories in botanic inspired tones and use these to create a layered scheme that offers depth and contrast. From here explore painted feature walls and artwork that draws out a key shade and explores textures and patterns to complement the nature you bring into your home.

Winter-Warmers-Carlisle-Homes-Body-Image3-BODY 3.png

Dulux’s Culitivate trend encourages the combination of different tones of green, including plants and decorative finishes.

Reconnect with nature

Introducing natural materials and finishes always brings depth to interiors. Consider earthy, natural-coloured rugs to add harmony to spaces with tonal palettes. Natural weathered wood finished accessories, furniture and frames will also help gently brighten rooms and help refresh your space. The subtle variation of colour in natural materials is a key element in contemporary Scandinavian inspired interiors but will also add interest to coastal or Hamptons inspired interiors thanks to the ability of texture to evoke the beauty of nature.

nordic-master_Resampled-1-body 4.jpg

Natural rattan and timber finishes add warmth to the interiors.

Back to earth with terracotta

One of the newest trends arriving in Australian interiors this year has been the comeback of Terracotta. Running the full spectrum from rich red ochres to the lighter mustard and burnt oranges, terracotta tones can instantly add warmth to your interior spaces. But you don’t have to go all out, given that they’re such luxurious tones, you can add impact quite easily with a selection of linens, or a few key objects and cushions, keeping soft creams and greys as the main backdrop. Ramp it up a bit further by exploring different textures including pairing chunky knits with silky satins.


Updating your bed sheets is a quick way to stay on trend in the bedroom with products like The Sheet Society's Eden Cotton bed sheets in terracotta linen is a great option for a quick refresh.

All the right shades of grey

Even though it might be grey outside, don’t disregard the soothing and comforting qualities that a tonal grey colour palette can bring to your interior.

Grey is incredibly versatile and comes in a plethora of shades – when looking for something on the warmer side, opt for a warm rather than a cool grey. Grey is one of the most forgiving colour palettes and will not only conceal wear and tear in high traffic areas but will also help harmonise an interior that includes a diverse range of colours and decorative elements, no matter the season.


A tonal palette of greys can be layered to create a warm sanctuary in the bedroom as seen in the Rothwell display home from Carlisle Homes.

Black is back

When done properly, black is timeless and sophisticated, adding style and drama to any interior. Simple introductions include the selection of black furniture such as a classic black leather sofa. For a contemporary feel it’s wise to look for pieces that have slender legs and feel light in the space. Alternatively, black is perfect for making a bold statement on a dramatic feature wall in open and light space.

Black is also making a big impact in interiors as a decorative finish on architectural fittings including lighting, handles and tapware. These elements allow you to bring a thoroughly modern touch into your home, making it a sanctuary that you will never want to leave in the depths of winter.


A bold black feature wall anchors this monochromatic interior scheme at Carlisle Homes' Sheraton Grand Deluxe.

And for added comfort, combine black with lush foliage for some added life, which will easily lift the entire space.

Your home is a place to relax and escape, as well as bring everyone together, especially when it’s too cold to enjoy the outdoors. These styles and colourways show just how easy it is to update your house to be a place that truly feels like a home.

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