Styling Masterclass: How to Create a Nordic-Style Lounge

by Carlisle Homes

Styling Masterclass: How to Create a Nordic-Style Lounge

Add effortless style to your lounge with our Nordic interior style. Here’s how.

Nordic is a look that’s warm, relaxed and guaranteed to make your guests feel right at home.

And with a little help from our expert interior designers, creating it couldn’t be easier – watch their new step-by-step video guide below, and find out how to build a Nordic-style lounge from start to finish. Or read on for six practical tips.


Set the scene

The beauty of the Nordic look lies in its clean lines, soothing tones and uncluttered spaces. Natural light abounds, furniture is comfortable and low-key, and ornamentation is kept to a minimum.

To create a Nordic-style lounge, start by clearing the clutter. Each piece you choose to keep (or introduce) should be beautiful and serve a purpose, whether it’s a comfortable spot to sit, a cosy fireplace for warmth, or an enchanting artwork that provides somewhere for the eye to fall.

Seek out simple, comfortable furniture with upholstery in textural, natural fabrics. Leave plenty of breathing space around each piece so your lounge is easy and comfortable to move around in.

When it comes to styling with lamps, artworks and décor pieces, a ‘less is more’ approach is key to this theme. Rather than filling every surface, just showcase a few pieces that you truly love.

Styling Masterclass: How to Create a Nordic-Style Lounge

Sleek pieces with curvy, sculptural lines are key to the Nordic style. Featured here: Scarborough Grand, Smiths Lane Estate, Clyde North.

Start with your hero pieces

Your heroes are the main pieces of furniture in a room – which, in the case of the lounge, are the sofa and armchairs.

For a Nordic-style decorating theme, seek out pieces with curvy, sculptural lines that add softness and evoke a sense of calm. Seating with some curvature will also up the comfort factor in your lounge and can help make guests feel more relaxed.   

As the sofa and armchairs will likely be the largest pieces in the room, choose light-coloured upholstery so they don’t visually overwhelm the space.

Accessorise with complementary pieces

Make the space more dynamic by choosing a coffee table in a shape that contrasts with your curvy sofa and armchairs, such as a sleek, rectangular style with a slender frame and a textured top. Keep the tabletop styling simple, such as a stack of books topped with a beautiful candle.

A trio of occasional tables in a complementary finish will provide a handy extra spot for guests to pop a drink or a plate of nibbles.

Seek out abstract artworks in earthy shades with pops of terracotta and clay for depth, and lamps and decor pieces with curved lines that echo the shape of your sofa and armchairs.

Styling Masterclass: How to Create a Nordic-Style Lounge

Key to the Nordic aesthetic is light, earthy colours that make the room feel spacious, open and bright. Featured here: Scarborough Grand, Smiths Lane Estate, Clyde North.

Keep it tonal and bright

The Nordic aesthetic is all about light, earthy colours that make a room feel open and bright – think off-white, soft grey, pumice and pale, eucalypt green. 

Ensure your lounge feels spacious and welcoming by opting for light colours for walls and flooring, subtle textured wallpaper and sheer linen curtains that gently filter the sunlight. Light-toned carpet adds a cosy feel underfoot – great for a lounge room where you wish to relax – plus it can help zone your lounge from the other parts of your house.

Add natural touches

No Scandinavian look is complete without a few touches of timber – and they’re just the thing to bring warmth to your room scheme. Consider popping an oak side table with ribbed or textured detailing beside the sofa, a sculptural wooden vessel to your coffee table, or a lamp or two with a timber base.  

A few indoor plants, such as a string of pearls or devil’s ivy trailing from a shelf or a trio of pretty cacti on your coffee table, will round out the natural look.

Styling Masterclass: How to Create a Nordic-Style Lounge

Abstract artwork, pops of terracotta, lamps and décor pieces are perfect finishing touches to tie your room together. Featured here: Scarborough Grand, Smiths Lane Estate, Clyde North.

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