Kitchen Trends 2023: Window and Glass Splashbacks

by Carlisle Homes

Kitchen Trends 2023: Window and Glass Splashbacks

Add light, style and a touch of magic to your kitchen with a window or glass splashback.

Planning your dream kitchen? Used creatively, splashbacks can do everything from add texture and interest to your kitchen to make the space feel bigger and brighter. At Carlisle, we offer a range of stunning splashback options for your new cooking space. Window and glass splashbacks are two of our most popular styles, and they’re right on-trend for 2023.

Read on to learn all about these stunning styles and where you can see them at a Carlisle display home near you.

Kitchen Trends 2023: Window and Glass Splashbacks

Give your kitchen a tranquil, resort-like feel, lashings of light and a stunning garden outlook with a window splashback.

Window Splashbacks

If your idea of the perfect kitchen involves lots of natural light and a view of the garden or terrace, a window splashback is a great choice. Positioned behind your cooktop, benchtop or sink, it allows you to prep and cook meals while enjoying a lush, leafy outlook.

A window splashback is a timeless design feature that instantly elevates your kitchen to something truly special, giving you a tranquil, resort-like feel every day.

Make your kitchen feel bigger & brighter

A window splashback draws natural light into your kitchen, instantly making the space appear larger, more open and inviting. It’s also a great way to frame a beautiful garden view.

Kitchen Trends 2023: Window and Glass Splashbacks

Practical and stylish, a window splashback is a great way to add wow-factor to your kitchen and keep an eye on kids and guests outside.

See just how brilliantly window splashbacks can look in the kitchen by paying a visit to our our Astoria Grand 54 display homes – which are part of our Affinity Collection – at Meridian Estate (Clyde North)Attwell Estate (Deanside) and Cloverton Estate (Kalkallo). Or check out the kitchens in our Sanctuary Grand 48 and Scarborough Grand 40 T-range display homes at Smiths Lane Estate (Clyde North), where the window splashbacks boost natural light, contribute to the sense of space and make a feature of the garden.

Keep an eye on the kids

From a practical perspective, a window splashback allows you to keep a close eye on the kids when they’re playing in the backyard. No more worrying about what they’re up to and letting the dinner boil over while you dash out and check!

Style options

Opt for white, pale grey or neutral window frames to create a chic, minimalist aesthetic, or make more of a statement with bold, black frames and a picture-frame effect.

Kitchen Trends 2023: Window and Glass Splashbacks

Bounce light around your kitchen with a beautiful yet understated glass splashback.

Glass Splashbacks

Positioned behind your cooktop or sink, a glass splashback creates a sleek, contemporary look, while its reflective qualities bounce light around your kitchen to enhance the sense of space.

It also gives you loads of versatility when it comes to colour so you can really make an impact. Be as bold or as subtle as you like – the choice is yours!

To see how a stunning glass splashback adds instant style to the kitchen, visit our Chelsea 34 display home – which is part of our EasyLiving series – at Eliston Estate in Clyde. Or see how a sleek glass splashback can make for an arresting design feature when contrasted against timber cabinetry in the Sterling 25 EasyLiving display home at Olivine Estate in Donnybrook

Kitchen Trends 2023: Window and Glass Splashbacks

Versatile, heat-resistant and easy to clean - a glass splashback does it all.

Strong, seamless & easy to clean

Made of heat-resistant, toughened glass, a glass splashback can generally be installed in one piece. So, unlike a tiled splashback that has grout lines, a glass splashback creates a perfectly seamless, join-free look.

And it doesn’t just look great; being completely texture-free means your glass splashback is a breeze to keep clean. You can even write on it and use it as a family noticeboard!

Colour options

Our glass splashbacks come in a gorgeous range of neutral tones to suit kitchens of every style. Match your splashback to the colour of your cabinetry doors for a cohesive aesthetic, add drama with a rich tone like Pewter Frame or Stony Creek, or make your kitchen feel bright and open with a light-enhancing hue like Mt Aspiring or Whisper White.

Choose from standard, toughened glass or upgrade to special low-iron glass, which has less of a green tinge than typical glass.

And just like that, a relatively small feature makes a big impact in your beautiful new kitchen.


“Our interior design team at Carlisle is committed to creating spaces that resonate with individuality, comfort, and style. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for the latest trends, they transform houses into homes that our customers will love.” – John Doulgeridis, Managing Director, Carlisle Homes


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