Podcast Episode Six: The Real Story - A Customer's Journey

by Carlisle Homes

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In the final episode of our new podcast, you’ll hear exactly what it’s like to build your first home (and pick up some awesome insider tips in the process) from a Carlisle customer who’s done it.


We’ve learned so much about building your first home in this podcast – from budgeting and choosing the perfect design to the various stages of the construction process. So we thought we’d finish off the season by hearing from a real Carlisle customer who’s actually been through the experience. 


In Episode Six, you’ll meet Karlie McQuillen – a Carlisle customer who recently built and moved into her brand-new EasyLiving home. In her chat with host Caitlin Judd, Karlie shares the lowdown on what it’s actually like to build your first house, the important lessons she learned along the way, and why she decided to simplify the whole process for herself by choosing a Carlisle EasyLiving home.


Brianna Russell, Client Liaison Executive for EasyLiving Homes at Carlisle, also joins us in this episode. Brianna works with Carlisle clients every day, guiding them along their home-building journey, from deposit right through to the moment they walk through the front door of their new home – and has invaluable tips to share on choosing and building your first home.

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Image Caption: We finish off Season Two of our podcast on building your first home with a great interview with someone who has actually done it – prepare to hear some fascinating insights from Carlisle customer Karlie McQuillen.

Listen now, and you’ll discover:


  • How Karlie chose the right builder and home design.
  • Why Karlie chose a Carlisle EasyLiving home to speed up the build process and make selections easier.
  • Practical tips on saving for a deposit and navigating the government grants process.
  • What the build process is actually like.
  • Karlie’s smart styling tips.
  • What Karlie wishes she’d known before building her first home.

We’ve also visited Karlie’s beautiful new home – you can check it out for yourself here.

You can catch up on the first five episodes of our podcast Home Files: First Home Building Made Easy here.



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