Podcast Episode Two: Let’s Talk Numbers!

by Carlisle Homes


The second episode of our new podcast gets into the nitty gritty of financing your first home, from finding the right loan to what it actually costs to start building your property.

If you’re a first home builder, getting to grips with the financial side of the process can feel like a minefield. But fear not: the second episode of our podcast Home Files: First Home Building Made Easy breaks it down in a way that’s easy to understand, so you know exactly what costs to expect, and when, and how best to prepare for them.

Host Caitlin Judd sits down with property gurus Janine Armstrong, General Manager of Marketing at Carlisle Homes, and Mark Polatkesen, a mortgage broker at Mortgage Domayne, to reveal how to budget for and finance your first home, passing on invaluable insider tips in the process.


Episode Two of our new podcast takes a deep dive into the financial aspects of building your first home, so you know what costs to expect when, how best to prepare for them, along with other essentials, such as finding the right loan.?

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to set a realistic budget.
  • How to work out what you can afford.
  • Tips for finding the right home loan.
  • The difference between a construction home loan and a standard home loan.
  • What government first homebuyers’ incentive programmes are available, and how to work out if you’re eligible.
  • Fixed-rate versus variable loans: which is best for first home buyers.
  • Upfront costs to expect when building your first home.
  • Often-unexpected costs you’ll also need to budget for.
  • The difference between a mortgage broker and a bank.
  • Tips for paying off your loan sooner.
  • Investor considerations, such as capital gains tax.

Tune in to Episode One of Home Files: First Home Building Made Easy here.

You’ll also hear all about our great-value EasyLiving homes, and what makes them such a fast, simple and hassle-free way for first timers to enter the property market.

Tune in to Episode Two of Home Files: First Home Building Made Easy here. Missed the first episode in the series? Listen to it here.

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