Seize the Moment: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Build Your Dream Home

by Carlisle Homes


The unprecedented start to 2020 has shown us all how important it is to truly love our home. And for many, the new HomeBuilder grant will help make that a reality.

Times of adversity often yield valuable lessons and deliver rare opportunities, and that’s certainly the case with the coronavirus pandemic. Spending so much time in our homes has given us a new perspective on what a home should be. At the same time, having employees working remotely has given business and government insights into new ways of working. As a result, many of us will see permanent changes to the way we go about our daily life, and the quality of our home environment will only become more important. On top of this, the newly announced HomeBuilder grant is, for a limited time, providing additional support to people looking to build their own home. So for those of you dreaming of a brand new home, it’s the perfect time to make that dream a reality.


Your home has become more important, its location less so

As we wrote in our recent story about work proximity, the coronavirus pandemic has forced many employers to change their thinking around working from home. And now that they’ve seen productivity maintained, and in some instances increased, there will undoubtedly be a shift to greater work flexibility. Which raises the question, why should you battle it out in the real estate market, to pay an inflated price for a home in a location closer to an office? What’s more, a home designed for someone else’s life, or indeed, for a different generation’s lifestyle! Particularly when the alternative – building a home tailored to your needs and personal preferences, in a newly designed, modern community – is so achievable.


Dream home as dream workspace

Spaces for work and study are already a major feature in Carlisle’s home designs. But for those of you who expect to be doing more remote working, building your own home provides an unparalleled opportunity to get that balance between office and lifestyle just right. That might mean allocating a larger space for working from home, or tweaking how it’s laid out or integrated with other areas. Or it might include measures to make that space quieter and more private, such as in-wall acoustic insulation, high-density plasterboard or even double glazed windows. Things that are relatively easy to achieve when building a new home, but much more challenging, and potentially expensive, to add to an existing house.


Capitalising on the HomeBuilder grant

The final implication of the coronavirus pandemic, which makes right now the perfect time to build your dream home, is the HomeBuilder grant. For eligible owner-occupiers, this will contribute $25,000 to your new home. On top of this, first-home buyers will still be able to claim the $10,000 Victorian First Home Buyer grant. These are valuable funds that you can use to reduce your net investment. Or you might choose to elevate your dream home to an even higher level of happiness and comfort, selecting luxe materials like Caesarstone Supernatural Ultra benchtops, for example, or creating the perfect outdoor entertaining space.

HomeBuilder only applies to contracts signed before the end of this year, for homes costing less than $750,000, including land. Carlisle has fixed price house and land packages that meet these criteria in locations all over Melbourne, and you can view those packages here.

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