Work Proximity Matters Less in Post-Corona Times

by Carlisle Homes


Looking ahead, to a post Covid-19 housing market, will “Location, location, location” still be the heralded catch cry of the real estate sales pitch? Our experts think not.

The past few months have delivered an unprecedented turbulence across every aspect of our lives. We have been forced to adapt to a new way of life and adopt new principles that will change the working landscape. Now, as we begin to emerge from the initial panic and lockdown - Australians are re evaluating what is important to them and their families and are taking some positive learning from early 2020.


The purpose built study is the perfect space designed for elegance, productivity and professionalism, on display at Aintree’s Montague Grand

Some of Australia’s leading companies have actually noted a surge in productivity with their workforce working remotely, saving time on commuting as well as a long list of other WFH benefits. Experts predict that this ‘forced WFH experiment,’ has resulted in companies realising that their workforce don’t need to be under the same roof to be productive. Meaning we will see more people than ever before, working remotely permanently or for at least part of every week.


The ultimate home office that is fit for both remote working and face-to-face meetings on display at the Illawarra Grand in Eliston Estate Clyde.

For many this newly gained opportunity of working from home will result in previously unimaginable lifestyle gains. Proximity to the city or their workplace becomes, for them, an out-of-date benchmark for purchasing a new home.

Instead, as our priorities shift to focusing on family and lifestyle over location we will see a greater demand for space to build and grow, surrounded by communities of the same mindset. New estates like Upper Point Cook offer the opportunity for families to build their dream home without compromising on space, amenities, schools or direct access to the Princess Freeway for times when they are required to go into the office.


The study nook demonstrates that with clever joinery solutions spaces can become dedicated and organised work areas for the whole family, on display at the Arlington in Newhaven Estate Tarneit.

In our business we have seen an upsurge in enquiries related to new home designs that incorporate dedicated home office space. Designing a home with these new priorities in mind offers the opportunity to create purpose built areas for productivity and a work/life balance that was previously impossible for many families.

“Many of our home designs incorporate spaces in the floor plan for a home office away from the disturbances of everyday life”.
- Danielle Taylor – Interior Design Manager

Creating your dream home with living zones for children, gardens to play in and an ultimate home office are easily achieved when the luxury of space is available. We invite you to visit the many new burgeoning communities across Melbourne to see for yourself the enviable lifestyle your family can enjoy, in a safe, spacious and well-maintained neighbourhood.


This sumptuously appointed study could be a private office or shared by a couple working from home, on display at the Astoria in Upper Point Cook Estate.

At Carlisle Homes we feel privileged to be able to offer our clients just that -everything required for future living. Visit one of our many display homes across Melbourne to explore how you can live, work and relax in your new home.

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