How to Search for Your Dream Home

by Carlisle Homes


Did you know the Carlisle Homes website has been specially built to make life easier for you? 

Rather than having to trawl through our over 3000 packages to figure out what works best for you, let our search engine do the work for you.


First, search by Suburb, Estate or Region to ensure you are only looking at homes in the area where you want to buy.

Then you can select all the specifications of your dream home including the number of storeys, number of bedrooms and even your budget.

Our clever search engine will filter out all those options that don’t fit into your search so you are only looking at results that are relevant to you.

If you are already have a specific house design in mind, you can search for that particular home and our search engine can match it to suitable blocks of land in any area that you request. No more guessing whether your dream home will fit on a certain block – our website will use its expertise to do that research for you too.

Bear in mind that many of our homes come in multiple different sizes. Even if you know the name of the house that you like, there can be several versions under that name. Clicking on the search criteria to specify how many bedrooms and storeys you want or the location you prefer will help ensure you are only presented with the options that will suit your family size or budget.

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Once the search results appear, you can select each result individually to see floorplans, build dates and price. It’s really that easy.


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