Deluxe Designs: The Ultimate in Accommodation

by Carlisle Homes


Do you have older children living at home or grandparents planning to stay for an extended visit? If so, then our ‘Deluxe’ floorplans with luxurious secondary accommodation could be ideal.

Whether you have grown-up children living at home, family who like to stay for extended visits or simply want to future-proof your investment with features you know you’re likely to need in a few years’ time or that buyers will love if you ever decide to sell, opting for a floor plan with luxurious secondary accommodation could be a smart choice.


Our Deluxe floor plans feature secondary bedrooms with their own ensuites and walk-in robes, making them perfect guest suites!

Featured here (Top to bottom): Canterbury Grand Deluxe Aurora Estate, Wollert and Montague Grand Deluxe, Orana Estate, Clyde North.

Our Deluxe floor plans, which are available in nine of our 29 beautifully appointed Affinity double-storey homes, feature super-sized secondary bedrooms, each with their own personal ensuite and a spacious walk-in-robe with oodles of storage.


With an extra bedroom, you can make your guests feel welcome and at ease in their own private space. Featured here: Canterbury Grand Deluxe, Aurora Estate, Wollert.

The secondary bedrooms are generally over 4.4 metres wide, which means there’s more than enough room to accommodate a double- or queen-size bed. There’s also plenty of space for the kids to stretch out, relax, play or entertain their friends – whatever their age or life stage. They also make great long-term guest accommodation, providing visitors with a sense of independence and all the room they need to feel right at home during their visit with you.


Our Deluxe floor plans also feature built-in desks which make perfect study or grooming spaces for your family and guests! Featured here: Montague Grand Deluxe, Orana Estate, Clyde North. .

In addition to providing extra space and a fully appointed, hotel-like ensuite, these top-of-the-range secondary bedrooms also feature plenty of additional space, which creates the perfect spot for the younger ones to study, catch up on their homework or for your older children to set up a makeup or grooming station.


With our Deluxe floor plans, your guests can have a bathroom all to themselves! Featured here: Sanctuary Grand, Smiths Lane, Clyde North.

Are the grandparents or some friends planning on coming to stay for a few weeks or months any time soon? The oversized bedrooms in our Deluxe floor have you covered. They will provide guests with all the space they need to feel right at home during their visit and, as there will be no need to share a bathroom, a sense of independence from the rest of your household.

Does a Deluxe floor plan sound like it might benefit your family? Take a look at the stunning Deluxe floor plans on offer in our Affinity double-storey homes by going to the extra filter section on our home finder filter and selecting More Filters.


Needing extra storage? A walk-in wardrobe features in the Deluxe floor plan within 29 of our Affinity double-storey homes. Featured here: Canterbury Grand Deluxe, Aurora Estate, Wollert. 

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Come and visit one of our Affinity display homes with a Deluxe floor plan today and see how upgrading your secondary accommodation can make a world of difference to your lifestyle.


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