Everything You Need to Know About Building with Hebel

by Carlisle Homes

Everything You Need to Know About Building with Hebel

If you’re in the process of deciding between a Hebel and a brick home, you’ll need to know the difference to understand exactly what you’re getting. Allow us to explain!

When selecting a façade for your new Carlisle home, you need to decide whether you want it to be constructed from Hebel or brick. Whichever material you choose, that same material will also be used to build the rest of your home, including the side and rear walls. This means that your home will be either a Hebel or a brick home, never a combination of the two. 

All our homes – regardless of whether they are Hebel or brick – have the option to be fully rendered for a stunning look and superior durability. When you build with Hebel, your home is fully rendered at no extra cost. If you build a brick home, rendering it will cost you extra. 

But getting a modern, fully rendered home at no extra cost isn't the only reason to consider Hebel – this revolutionary, Australian-made building material offers a host of other benefits too, including faster build times, energy efficiency, acoustic protection and more. Read on to learn all about it.

Everything You Need to Know About Building with Hebel

Hebel is strong, durable, kind to the earth, and helps make your indoor environment comfortable.

What is Hebel?

Hebel is a high-performance, contemporary alternative to traditional brick made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (ACC). It comes in lightweight panels that are fixed to your home’s frame to create the exterior walls. The panels are then coated in a rendered finish. Hebel is strong, durable, kind to the earth, and helps make your indoor environment comfortable.

What Are the Benefits of Building with Hebel? 

Better value

When you build with Hebel, you get a fully rendered home (including façade, rear and side walls) at no extra cost. If you choose a brick home, rendering the bricks is an additional cost, which ups the budget. 

So with Hebel, you get the show-stopping good looks and durability of a rendered home at an affordable price! 

A faster build

Building with lightweight Hebel panels means your home goes up faster – one standard Hebel panel is equivalent to 75 traditional bricks. 

Energy efficiency

Hebel’s strong insulation properties keep your home naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter, so you can reduce your reliance on artificial heating and cooling. That means lower power bills, hooray! 


Hebel is an environmentally friendly, Australian-made building material. Made from readily available raw materials, it has 30% less environmental impact than concrete and brick veneer, and any waste generated during the process is recycled. So, when you build with Hebel, you know you’re doing your bit for the planet. 

A quieter home

Hebel has impressive acoustic qualities and significantly reduces sound transmission from sources like traffic and neighbours so you can enjoy peace and quiet when you’re relaxing indoors. 

A strong & durable home

Hebel might be lightweight, but don’t be fooled – with a steel reinforced interior featuring an anti-corrosion layer, it is just as strong as traditional bricks. A Hebel home will look incredible and perform brilliantly for decades.

Hebel's strength and versatility means you can effortlessly attach fixtures like clotheslines, hose reels and outdoor lights to your home too. Explore the process here.

Peace of mind

Hebel building products are non-combustible, making them a safe and secure choice in bushfire zones.

Have more questions about Hebel? Read our blog post here.

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