6 Reasons a Knockdown Rebuild is Right for You

by Carlisle Homes


Have you outgrown your home? Tired of its shabby appearance and dated layout? Rather than renovating or upping sticks and buying or building elsewhere, why not consider demolishing your original home and replacing it with a new, contemporary and energy-efficient home. A knockdown rebuild can not only be a more affordable option, but it allows you to stay in the area you love.

Interested to learn more? Here are six smart reasons to consider a knockdown-rebuild.

1. A Knockdown Rebuild can save you money

The cost of a knockdown rebuild in Melbourne can actually be cheaper than renovating an existing home. If the renovations needed to make your home more liveable are extensive, demolishing your existing home and starting from scratch can be more cost-effective. Very often, the demolition and rectification work required when renovating can swallow up a large chunk of your budget before new work even begins.

"Carlisle Homes is dedicated to providing exceptional quality for each and every customer, irrespective of your budget. Opting for a knockdown rebuild means you can save money, without having to compromise on quality and efficiency in your home." John Doulgeridis, Managing Director, Carlisle Homes


The cost of a knockdown rebuild can actually be more cost effective per square metre compared to renovating an existing home.

It’s generally cheaper per square metre to knockdown and rebuild a new home than to extend or renovate an old one. With a knockdown rebuild project, you get a fresh, modern and energy-efficient home for less than the cost of a renovation. It’s an increasingly popular choice for families looking to save money and create a home that perfectly suits their lifestyle.


There are so many reasons why you would choose to knockdown and rebuild your new home. Pictured here is the Carlisle Homes Sheraton Grand Deluxe.

2. You get a home designed for modern living

Fact is, old homes have old features that don’t always suit the way we live today. Common complaints include pokey showers, closed-off kitchens, benchtops that aren’t wide enough to accommodate appliances and nowhere to escape the sound of the television. New homes are designed with a contemporary lifestyle in mind, with features such as well-appointed, open-plan kitchens, media rooms, spacious bathrooms and generous, custom-designed storage so you can move in and start living your best life straight away.


Why knockdown and rebuild? So you can have the perfect, modern floorplan for your needs, including an extensive open plan living area like the one pictured here in The Sheraton Grand Deluxe.


3. No compromises

Do you dream of an oversized bathroom retreat? Seamless indoor-outflow? A butler’s pantry? An open-plan kitchen/living area where the whole family can congregate? The cost of a knockdown rebuild is much more cost-effective than trying to renovate all these contemporary spaces into your old home. 

A renovation often means working around existing structures and having to make compromises, whereas knocking down and building from scratch gives you the freedom to design your layout to suit your lifestyle with features such as zoned family living spaces and alfresco dining areas – all showcasing the most contemporary trends in design and construction.


Dare to dream big! A new home means no compromises so let your imagination run wild.

4. Less risk

Older homes often also have dated wiring and pipes, which can lead to nasty surprises when works begin. Renovations are known for running over time and over budget – the biggest problem is that you never know what you’re going to uncover when you pull up the floorboards. This ‘unknown’ factor means a renovation is more likely to take longer and run into unforeseen challenges, which can result in extra costs that take you over-budget.


Another benefit to knocking down and rebuilding on your existing plot is that you will stay connected with your local community and neighbours.

5. Stay in your neighborhood you already love

Moving away from friends, schools and a community you love can be gut-wrenching for everyone in the family. With a knockdown rebuild you get the best of both worlds – remain in your community and achieve the house of your dreams. Choosing to knock down and rebuild means minimal disruption to your family and their routine. There’s no need to move schools or re-establish yourself in a new neighbourhood – you stay in the location you’ve grown to love, close to family, friends and amenities.


Knocking down and rebuilding an energy efficient new home will help you save money on your household bills for many years to come.


6. It’s easier to make your home energy-efficient

Incorporating smart, energy-efficient features into your home slashes power costs and makes it comfortable year-round – they’re also a great selling point if you decide to move down the track. Undertaking a knockdown rebuild allows you to incorporate the latest sustainable materials, features and fixtures into your home’s design in a way that a renovation often can’t – think thermal and acoustic insulation, window placement to maximise natural light, orientation to optimise winter sun and provide summer shading, cross ventilation and automated window coverings to control indoor temperatures. The cost of your knockdown rebuild could save you money for many years to come.

All Carlisle homes meet the Victorian government’s six-star energy rating requirements. If sustainability is important to you and you want to save money on your energy and water bills, we can work with you to achieve an even higher energy-efficiency rating or simply make your home more efficient.

  • Not every home is suitable for a knockdown rebuild so it’s important to do your research. Planning restrictions relating to heritage overlays, setbacks in line with neighbours, overland flooding or excessive slope can all be restrictive to knockdown rebuilds. Proximity to main roads and powerlines can also be an issue.
  • To find out whether your home is suitable for a knockdown-rebuild, speak to an expert at one of our Carlisle Homes display homes across Melbourne. You can book an appointment on the Carlisle Homes website.
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