Season 1 - Episode 6

The real story – a customer’s journey

by Carlisle Homes


This is the last episode of our KDR mini-series and what a journey it has been!

Joining us for today’s chat is Tina – a very happy KDR customer who recently built a Carlisle home in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs who helps bring everything we’ve discussed during this series together in one easy to listen to episode. Also involved in this chat is Steph Massuger, Carlisle’s KDR Client Liaison Team Leader, who works with clients throughout their entire KDR journey – from first deposit, through to handing over the keys.

Tina talks us through her experience building the beautiful single storey Matisse 35, and offers up all her insights, top tips and tricks along the way. From having plans drawn up for  a duplex, renovation, and extension, before deciding on a KDR and walking into one Carlisle display and depositing that same day – through to knowing exactly which upgrades she wanted in her new home – Tina’s journey is so engaging. 

A very fast-talking, insightful chat – you just can’t miss this one.




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Special Guests:
Steph Massuger - KDR Client Liaison Team Leader, Carlisle Homes


Episode Notes

Explore Tina’s home including video tour, photos and editorial here.

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