We’re Setting New Standards in Client-Team Relationships

by Carlisle Homes


Our new Zero Harm program is an industry first, focused on creating and maintaining mutually respectful relationships and providing team members with a safe and supportive environment.

At Carlisle, we’re committed to providing a work environment that prioritises the psychological and physical safety of our team.

While supporting our customers throughout their journey with us is our core priority ­– the rise of physical and psychological harm is gaining momentum in many industries, including the construction industry.   

Our dedicated 500+ strong team are at the heart of everything we do, and their health and wellbeing in the workplace is our top priority. In an industry first, we’ve introduced a Zero Harm education and training program, which addresses the mounting issue of customer frustrations and negative interactions towards workers in our industry.



Whilst the majority of our customer and team interactions are overwhelmingly positive, supported by our product review rating of 4.7 stars, this preventative program zeros in on the minority of negative interactions.

The new program focuses on establishing mutually respectful relationships between our team, visitors, customers, trades, and suppliers. Moving forward, Carlisle Homes will take a zero-tolerance stance on emotional, psychological, and physical harm within our workplace.

The program is underpinned by our Zero Harm policy and Customer Service Charter, which outlines clear professional standards, points of escalation for team members and customers, together with avenues of support for all.  

Carlisle Homes’ General Manager of Construction, Rod Tabak, says increased incidences of emotional, mental and even physical abuse across the residential construction and other industries have shaped the new program.

"We appreciate that building a home is a significant life milestone and investment, which raises feelings of anxiety, nervousness, hope, and excitement. But there’s absolutely no room for anger, personal attacks, or threats towards our team,” he says.


“During recent years, there have been additional factors – totally outside of our control – such as material supply delays and cost increases, as well as increasing interest rates, rousing customers’ frustrations.” 

“Carlisle has invested in creating the Zero Harm education and training program, designed to ensure the psychological and physical safety of our more than 500 team members when they’re going about their daily work, which includes both in-person and virtual interactions,” he says.  

To help foster a healthier and more professional future for every industry member, and to encourage talent to remain in the sector, we’re encouraging other Australian building companies to follow our lead.

Because a smooth build where we can communicate honestly, openly, and respectfully at every stage of your new home journey is the ultimate goal for all of us.

As a leading Australian workplace, we are continually striving towards better for our customers, our team, and the broader industry. Let’s work together to create a zero-harm environment for all.

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You can watch our Zero Harm video and view our Zero Harm policy here.


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