Smiths Lane: A Place Like No Other

by Carlisle Homes

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Our brand-new display homes at Smiths Lane in Clyde North are a cut above the rest, taking Carlisle’s signature quality and designs to a whole new level; and we’re bursting to share them with you!

We are thrilled to announce the completion of four extraordinary new display homes that we guarantee you will fall in love with at first sight. Sadly, we can’t welcome you through their doors in person just yet, but we are pleased to invite you to explore these phenomenal displays from the comfort of your home with our virtual tours tool! 

Our new Smiths Lane Display Centre, in the heart of thriving Clyde North, is now the home of two double storey Affinity Collection homes; the 5-bedroom Sanctuary Grand 48 and the ever-popular Montpellier Grand 54, one T-Range double storey; the exciting new Scarborough Grand 40, and one T-Range single, the impressive Granville 29.


The Sanctuary Grand 48 at Smiths Lane, Clyde North

Talented designer, Shane Rogers is a key member of the team who has developed the new Smiths Lane Display Centre. With over 25 years’ experience, Shane’s philosophy for designing homes is simple:

“I focus on designing homes that are terrific to live in and practical to furnish. Then I look at a design and say, well ok, what ‘pluses’ can we add that will make our customer’s lives even better? Extra storage? A kid’s study area? Architectural detailing to better define the spaces?”

We sat down with Shane to learn more about the design secrets that have gone into the exciting new release at Smiths Lane.

“The Affinity Collection homes at Smiths Lane are two of the best houses I’ve ever been a part of building. We’ve taken a fresh new perspective on the way things have been done in the past and made a lot of changes and amendments to bring our customers what we believe are the best products we can offer.”


The Montpellier Grand 54 at Smiths Lane, Clyde North

A change in approach to design

Believe it or not, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Carlisle’s designers considered removing dedicated studies from some of our floorplans. With modern technology like portable devices and high-speed Wi-Fi, an entire room devoted to work or study was becoming less and less important. We could work from anywhere - the sofa, the dining table or the island bench. Fast forward 24 months and “the need for a proper desk and office chair set-up at home has grown tremendously”. You’ll find dedicated study spaces in all four of the new homes at Smiths Lane.

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The Scarborough Grand 40 at Smiths Lane, Clyde North

A process of evolution

“Every Carlisle floorplan is an evolution of an existing design. With every new display that we open, we keep developing plans that are better and better.”

The Scarborough Grand is a brand new T-Range floorplan that has become available to customers with the launch of Smiths Lane. However, if you’ve stepped inside our Clarington Grand display home in Werribee, you’ll notice the familiar ground floor! The Scarborough Grand takes the ground floor of the popular Clarington Grand, and reinvigorates the first floor, combining the activity and kids’ study into one zone, allowing for more space in other areas such as the kids’ bedrooms and master suite. Check out the new floorplan here.

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The Granville 29 at Smiths Lane, Clyde North

Showcasing Carlisle’s signature design features

Our customers are our best judge, so we continue to cross-pollinate our home designs based on customer popularity. Through building quality homes for over 17 years, Carlisle understands what makes a home great to live in. You’ll find similarities throughout our designs that give us our unique identity, and help define the signature Carlisle quality that we are renowned for. One such example is the way we provide a ‘stepped-in’ treatment to the meals portion of many of our open plan kitchen/meals/living areas, as featured above in Smiths Lane’s new Granville 29

“This design feature helps to make a distinction between the meals and living spaces, without compromising on open-plan living. Giving the meals area its own architectural definition creates a sense of purpose for the space, and assists in the effective placement of furniture, to ensure the room doesn’t end up a ‘hotch-potch’ of bits and pieces”.

Living in Smiths Lane

With a charming village-like setting, a vibrant town centre and abundant green space, life in Smiths Lane, in the heart of thriving Clyde North, allows more time for the things that matter. We offer fixed price house & land packages in the desirable Smiths Lane Estate; with generous 851m2 lots now available! Or, if you’ve already purchased your dream block in this highly-sought after estate, contact us today to take advantage of our 18 Month Price Lock offer, where you can lock in the price of your home today, and avoid any prices rises that may occur before your land is ready to be built on.

Is one of the new designs at Smiths Lane you dream home? Get in touch with one of our expert Sales Consultants today to start you new home building journey with Carlisle!

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