Melinda and Stephen… A KDR Story That Touched Our Team’s Hearts

by Carlisle Homes


Nightly walks past the site of their new home helped keep this family’s spirits up during a difficult time.


As we approached our exciting 15,000th home milestone, we asked our site supervisors to tell us about some of their most memorable clients. Luke Q, a knockdown-rebuild site supervisor in Melbourne’s southeast, immediately thought of Melinda and Stephen Perry – a beautiful couple with two daughters, Olivia and Scarlett, and a chocolate lab, Jessie – who suffered unimaginable health challenges during their knockdown-rebuild process. 

Thankfully, their story ends with a great outcome. The family are now happy, healthy, and living in their dream Carlisle home – but not without some terrifying personal challenges along the way.

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Their story inspired us, and we are very grateful to the family for allowing us to share it with you, as part of our celebration of the journey to 15,000 Carlisle homes. 

Melinda and Stephen Perry are two of the most down-to-earth, positive people you're ever likely to meet, says Luke. They are passionate about sport and love nothing more than opening up their home to friends and family. 

The couple’s new home journey began in 2019, when they decided to knock down their three-bedroom single storey house to build a beautiful new four-bedroom, double storey Kensington Grand 40 for their growing family of four. 

But not long after starting the process, Melinda began experiencing serious issues with her sight. She was in and out of hospital and ended up having two tumours removed from one eye. It was the last thing this optimistic young family needed having just began what we know can be the daunting process of building a new home.


Melinda and Stephen Perry decided to knock down their existing three-bedroom house to build a beautiful new four-bedroom, double storey Kensington Grand 40 for their growing family of four.

Melinda’s condition made even simple tasks, like comparing floorplans and choosing colours, nearly impossible. Thankfully, Stephen was able to do all the heavy lifting when it came to selecting their new home design – something that Melinda is extremely thankful for. She proudly states that Stephen nailed the floorplan choice and customisations, and that everything in their home suits their family's needs perfectly. 

Given all the health issues that Melinda was facing, the Carlisle team was even more determined to get the family into the comfort of their new home as quickly as possible. 

Then, the unimaginable. As their build neared completion, Stephen suffered a heart attack while driving the family in their car. They pulled over and called an ambulance. Thankfully, everyone was okay – but, says site supervisor Luke, it was just another devastating blow to a lovely family who didn’t deserve any of it. After a lot of rest and time away from work, Stephen made a full recovery. 

Luke, being the top bloke that he is, developed a great relationship with Stephen and Melinda, and made it his mission to ensure the Perry family had a comfortable place to call home – and a smooth journey to get there. He went above and beyond to get their new home move-in ready so they could get back to enjoying the life they deserved. 

Throughout knockdown and construction, the Perrys rented a house around the corner from the site of their soon-to-be new home. And it was their nightly walks past the job site to see the rapid progress of their build that helped keep their spirits up as they battled their health issues. 

Thanks to the efforts of Luke and the entire Carlisle team, Melinda and Stephen’s home was built in an incredible four months, with the slab being poured in early January 2021 and handover taking place in April 2021.


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The timing was fortuitous; the Perrys were able to spend lockdown in their brand-new home, enjoying the space on their own for a while before welcoming in friends and family when restrictions eased. For the first time, each of the girls each had their own bedroom, and the upstairs activity area made the perfect spot for home schooling and keeping the kids entertained. Melinda says she doesn't know how any of that would have been possible in their old home.  

The Perry family couldn't be happier with their home and the entire build process. And they credit the passion and dedication of the Carlisle team for ensuring the process was as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

We’re heartened to hear that the Perrys have been able to put their difficult year behind them, and grateful for the small part we played in creating their bright new future.

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