Colour & Fun: Spice Up Your Home for Holi

by Carlisle Homes

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Holi is one of the most vibrant and popular festivals in the Hindu calendar – and it’s right around the corner, falling this year on Monday 25 March. While it originated in India, it’s now widely celebrated around the world.

“Known as ‘the festival of colours’, Holi celebrates the triumph of good over evil, the eternal and divine love of Radha and Lord Krishna, and it marks the beginning of spring in northern India,” says Yogesh Malhotra, New Home Consultant at Carlisle Homes.

And colour and fun are top of the agenda. Celebrants throw colourful powder and water on their loved ones, dance to traditional folk music, light bonfires, and enjoy delicious sweet treats. “We attend a range of Holi events in Melbourne, alongside celebrating Holi with friends in our backyard, with colours and Bollywood tunes, complemented by delicious Indian finger food,” says Malhotra.

Are you hosting Holi celebrations at your place this year? Here, Malhotra shares some great tips for creating a festive ambience, plus practical advice on how to safeguard your furniture and finishes from the colourful aftermath.

How to celebrate Holi at home

“Carlisle homes are perfect for celebrating Holi as they come with a beautiful alfresco and a good-size backyard, allowing you and your family to enjoy this beautiful festival in the comfort of your own space,” says Malhotra.

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Why go out when you can host the ultimate Holi celebration at home? Dress up your abode with colourful flowers and decorations, prepare games for the kids, and whip up delicious finger food.

Preparing your home for fun

“As there is a lot of colour and water involved in Holi, it’s a good idea to keep the celebrations outdoors,” says Malhotra. “This way, the kids will be able to run around freely, and play with colours and water, without you having to worry about the mess being tracked indoors.

“It’s also wise to encourage everyone to wear old clothes and sunglasses to protect their eyes and skin,” he says.

Holi food and decorations

“When people host a Holi party, they will usually decorate their home with brightly coloured flowers, like marigolds and roses, and offer guests colourful powder and water. Be sure to use natural and organic powders as they wash off easily,” says Malhotra.

Other ways to dress up your home for Holi include swapping out plain scatter cushions on your sofas for ones in vibrant shades of red, yellow, orange and green, laying a colourful tablecloth on the dining table, and hanging bright, playful prints on the walls.

“No Indian festival is complete without food and Holi is no different. Samosas, biryanis, burfis, and gulab jamuns, alongside a fresh fruit platter, are some of the delicious and easy food options you could provide your guests,” he says.

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You don’t need to spend a fortune on activities – grab some colourful powder (make sure it’s washable), craft supplies and empty water bottles, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a fun-filled, festive afternoon.

Fun things to do

Here are some colourful activities the kids are sure to love during Holi, all of which can be enjoyed outdoors.

  • Make Holi paper craft plates: A fun craft idea for younger children – simply cut a plate in half, then grab some colourful paper and cut it into rough triangles. Glue these onto the plate half and – voila! – a wonderful homemade decoration.
  • DIY squirt gun: Older children are sure to love this activity. Take an empty water bottle and pierce a small hole in the cap with a thumb tack. Fill the bottle with tap water and some colourful powder (you may want to create a different bottle for each colour), and replace the cap. Squeeze the bottle and enjoy a colourful water fight!
  • Holi hands: Grab some washable paint and a few paintbrushes. Let the kids paint their hands and stamp handprints on white paper to create a delightful Holi decoration.
  • Water balloon fight: Fill a load of water balloons with water and add a drop of food colouring to each before typing them up. Then host the ultimate water balloon fight. Top tip: make sure everyone is wearing white or a light colour so you can see the full rainbow effect.


Protecting your furniture & hardware

Let’s face it – kids, water and colour are a recipe for mess, however hard you try to keep it contained outdoors. “An easy way to minimise the mess is to cover furniture with old sheets, and doorknobs with some small pieces of old fabric and some masking tape,” he says.

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Equip your guests with everything they need for a post-celebration clean-up by stocking the powder room with hand wipes, towels and soap. Also, have a few spare towels on hand in your outdoor area.

Handy toiletries

Making it easy for visitors to clean up after the colour-filled festivities is something they are sure to appreciate. “Provide your guests with hand wipes or paper towels, and pop a few extra toiletries, such as soap, wash cloths and towels, in your power room so they can wash or wipe their hands after playing with colour,” says Malhotra.

We wish you and your loved ones a vibrant and joyous Holi celebration!

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