An Important Message From Our Director

by Carlisle Homes


As a business, Carlisle Homes continues to go from strength to strength – our Domestic Building Insurance has just received a significant increase, giving you even greater confidence that your new build is in the safest of hands.

I am pleased to announce that after a thorough assessment by the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA), Carlisle Homes’ Domestic Building Insurance (DBI) limit has been increased by 500 million dollars to 1.15 billion dollars.

In determining whether to provide eligibility for DBI to a builder, the VMIA will consider the risk of the builder becoming insolvent. The assessment includes a review of the builder’s and its directors’ past building performance, their abilities with respect to the quantity and type of projects they propose to undertake, and their management and technical skills. The assessment also involves a review of the builder’s business history, recent financial reports, and key financial indicators associated with the business to demonstrate its solvency and ongoing financial viability.

The financial assessment process includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Net tangible assets
  • Net turnover growth
  • Shareholders’ funds/sales
  • Gross & net profit margins
  • Interest cover (times covered)
  • Work in Progress reports
  • Debtor collection days
  • Creditor payment days
  • Working capital position
  • Return on equity
  • Return on assets
  • Cash flow projections against actuals
  • Statement of assets and liabilities of the directors/sole trader/partners
  • Trust deeds

Rest assured that every Carlisle Homes customer who is required to pay a 5% deposit has the protection of Domestic Building Insurance for their project and a DBI certificate is issued on the same day that the Housing Industry Association (HIA) building contract is signed.

I would also like to reiterate what you’ve heard from me previously - that Carlisle Homes is in one of the strongest – if not the strongest – financial positions of all home builders in Australia.

Carlisle Homes was established in 2004, is 100% Australian owned, has completed over 15,000 homes and has traded profitably every year since 2009. Those profits have been reinvested back into the business and I note that Carlisle has had zero bank debt for over 5 years now. Furthermore, we enjoy the confidence of our trades and suppliers - all of whom are paid on time.

As well as having no debt, we own all our 79 display homes outright, which is the largest display home network in metropolitan Melbourne.

We have continually invested in our business, our people and our customer experience. We were recently awarded as the 2023 HIA Most Professional Major Builder in Australia as well as being the current Master Builders Best Large Residential Builder in Australia.

The VMIA increase in DBI insurance is great news for Carlisle Homes and all its customers – current and future.



John Doulgeridis

Managing Director

Carlisle Homes

DB-U 19009

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