Style like an Expert with the Versatility of Throws

by Carlisle Homes


A throw is more than a throw. Their versatility can be used to warm up a room, add glamour, colour and texture or simply provide the finishing touch to any space.


Our luxurious home Granada GrandJubilee Estate features throws throughout the house.

1. Why style with a throw?

Sometimes a space can leave you feeling cold or disinterested -often the items that are missing are texture, warmth and a certain ‘lived in’ appeal, which can be easily solved by simply adding the perfect throw.

Whilst throws obviously add practical and functional warmth on a chilly night, just having them in a space instantly adds emotional warmth - like you could walk in, curl up with a book or your favourite TV series and feel absolutely ‘at home.’

Like cushions or throw pillows, they are one of the easiest ways to instantly breathe new life, tone and colour into an existing decor. Throws have the added value of being as practical as they are stylish.

As we’ve discussed in many of our other blogs -texture is key. If a space is made up of too many hard elements it can feel stark - even if the colours are just right. With a throw you’ll bring in those layers of softness and texture without having to dramatically alter the style of the space.

Adding a new throw is also one of the most inexpensive and versatile ways to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, style and colours. From chunky knits to plush velveteens and even light linens you can find an endless array of throw options from department, decor and chain stores.


Image source: Create luxury and style with a throw on your bed, featured here at our Granville, Truganina display home

2. Where to place your throw?

Whether draped luxuriously across a living room sofa, or dressing a freshly made bed, a throw can add decoration, texture and – importantly – provide some extra warmth in just about any area of the home.

In the bedroom: throws add an extra touch of luxury at the bottom of a perfectly made bed or to create a more casual bedroom feel, throws can be draped over the centre of the bed. Use a quilted or faux fur throw to introduce luxurious texture – think velvet, silk or wool.

“If you have school-age children, there’s a brilliant kids’ activity space where they can hang out with their friends or watch TV, and a generous built-in study situated separately to allow for quiet concentration.” 

“It’s incredible how much we’ve fitted into this 45-square home without spaces feeling compromised – it really is ideal for a growing family or different generations living together,” he says.

Styling-with-throws-Carlisle-Homes-1576px_3BODY 3.jpg

Image source: Our Clovelly, Woodlea Estate home strikes the right balance between luxury and cozyness. Complete your look with a throw draping over your sofa

In the living room: throws draped over the back or side of the couch add that casually styled yet relaxed invitation; it makes the space look warm and inviting.

If other areas of the home are also calling for warmth, colour and texture why not hang a throw on a hook or coat rack to add a splash of colour to the walls.

Pro tip: To take your styling to expert level take a deeper look at the fabric detail on a throw, narrow lines of stitching in one direction tend to give a sleek, more contemporary look whereas large squares of single stitches, texture or French knots – add a more indulgent opulent feeling.


Image source: Sophisticated style featured at our Granville, Truganina display home

3. What throw colours and fabrics are right on trend?

Home Beautiful says that the “colours for 2020 are more restrained than in previous years. Brights are pulled back and influenced by nature.”

By adding a throw from a palette of tonal blues, warm burgundy, rust and mustard, you will create a sense of calm in a room without overwhelming the space.

Or for romantic bedroom styling paired with curvaceous furniture and plush fabrics we recommend throws from deeper colour palettes such as burgundy, eggplant, browns, terracotta and coral.

We believe throws are versatile and inexpensive enough to change them up according to the time of year. They will help transition your household decor through the seasons, balancing the colour scheme with light and brightness in the summer months or deep earth tones in the winter.

As far as fabric choices go, in warmer months, you may want to switch to lighter fabrics and be more playful with the texture and weave of the throw, whereas in colder months think wool knits, plush, faux fur and contrasting patterns.

Styling-with-throws-Carlisle-Homes-1576px_5BODY 5.jpg

Image source: Our Granville, Truganina Estate showcases the ultimate bedroom styling

4. How to style a throw? Our stylist guides you through folding and positioning for maximum effect.

For anyone who has tried their hand at styling a space, or even for those addicted to home renovation shows such as The Block or House Rules - you’ll know that a throw is not merely “thrown down.”

Stylist tips for the ultimate “throw not thrown” style:

  • Fold the throw in half lengthwise and then drape it over the back of a statement chair, placing a cushion on top
  • Drape it over the arm of a sofa or chair, with a cushion placed in the corner
  • Cross diagonally over one side of the couch, again with cushions layered on top
  • Fold across the foot of the bed to delineate the end of the bed. Typically the throw at the foot of the bed will be used to add a complimentary colour to the bedroom scheme and give a luxury hotel feel
  • Fold across the head of the bed, just where the quilt cover is folded over. Typically a throw blanket in this position adds a contrast to highlight stylish decorative pillows against the backdrop. Or it can be used to add dimension to an otherwise uniform landscape

At the end of the day, throws are the perfect way to experiment with your style. There are so many options, colours, fabrics and combinations you can try out to add warmth and functional appeal to your home decor for any budget. So why not try it. We guarantee the results will not leave you feeling cold.

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