Vastu Shastra: Decorating for Harmony & Positive Energy

by Carlisle Homes


Create a home that radiates good vibes by introducing aspects of Vastu Shastra – an ancient Indian architectural science.

A home that feels good to be in starts with the right energy. Vastu Shastra is a centuries-old Indian architectural guide to designing a positive home. Incorporate the key elements, and it’s believed that you’ll create a serene and secure foundation for your family, paving the way for peace, harmony and prosperity.

Read on for our beginner’s guide to designing your home for Vastu Shastra. 

Vastu Shastra and your Carlisle Home

Our customers come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, which is why we offer over 200 floorplans (more than any other Melbourne builder) that make it easy to incorporate different cultural traditions, while optimising your block’s size and orientation.

“Many of our customers originate from distant shores, and want their new abode to feel like a home away from home,” says Umme Merchant, Carlisle’s New Homes Sales Consultant at Redstone Estate in Sunbury.  

“To allow for this, we offer a huge range of variations on our floorplans, including front-flip options, garages and kitchens on different sides of the house, staircases in various positions, and master bedrooms with the main wall on different sides. The result? Our customers feel truly comfortable in their homes, and connected to their background,” she says.

5 pillars of Vastu Shastra

“Vastu Shastra is based around the five natural elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space,” says Merchant. “Balancing these elements in your home with colour, natural materials, light, ventilation and cleanliness, and design features such as thoughtful orientation and smooth traffic flow, is believed to create a positive environment that boosts your family’s physical, mental, and emotional health.”

So you could, for example, add indoor plants for earth, a water feature or aquarium for water, specify awning windows that open outwards for air, choose a design with generous, open living areas for space, and light candles (safely) for fire.



Our beautiful Montpellier Grand 46 display home at Peppercorn Hill Estate in Donnybrook features a bright and serene entry, muted, natural colours, and plenty of practical storage, making it an appealing option for Vastu Shastra devotees.

Your entrance: the gateway for good energy

In Vastu Shastra, your front door and entry don’t just welcome in guests, but energy too. Attract the positive and keep out the negative by ensuring the area is well-lit and clutter free.

If prosperity is the goal, choose a home design where your front door faces north, east or north-east, and adorn your threshold with auspicious symbols like a traditional rangoli design, and an ‘urli’, which is a large brass bowl filled with water, and floating flowers and candles.


Make a time to come and see our spectacular Rothbury Grand Atrium 50, displayed at Peppercorn Hill Estate in Donnybrook, which has a spacious and serene gourmet kitchen at its heart that exudes positive energy. 

A balanced kitchen

Draw good vibes into your cooking space by selecting a floorplan where the kitchen is on the south or west, faces away from the powder room, and the stove is located away from the sink.

Colour harmony

Decorate the main areas of your home in soothing, nature-inspired colours such as light blue, muted green and warm white across your walls and soft furnishings.

“If you decide to create a pooja room, this is the spot to include vibrant and auspicious colours such as red, yellow and gold, which are associated with personal growth, energy and prosperity,” says Merchant.

Arrange furniture for good flow

Position furniture where it won’t block traffic flow or door openings. Pay special attention to your central living area where family and friends gather – in Vastu design philosophy, this area is the source of your home’s energy, and should be kept open and clear for positive energy flow.

“The design and layout of your bedroom is another important feature of Vastu Shastra,” says Merchant. “To give you a sense of support and stability while you’re sleeping, position your bedhead against a solid wall facing south or east. From there, promote a restful night’s sleep by declaring your bedroom an electronics-free zone.”

A pooja room

Creating a pooja room gives you a dedicated part of the home for spiritual practice such as prayer and meditation. “Many of our floorplans have a separate study, which is ideal for converting into a pooja room,” says Merchant.


Features like double-height atriums, generously sized windows, and seamless indoor-outdoor connection, all of which you’ll find in Carlisle Homes designs, make it easy to draw light and fresh air into your abode.

Mirrors & balanced lighting to enhance positivity

Use mirrors to amplify light and energy throughout your home, and to draw in beautiful garden views. However, you’ll want to avoid hanging them opposite your front door or bed, as this is believed to disrupt positive energy.

Maximise natural light by specifying generous, well-placed windows. Supplement natural light and create a cosy glow by adding lamps, pendants, and wall lights with, warm LED bulbs, rather than harsh fluorescents.

The care factor

“In Vastu Shastra, a cluttered space is believed to disrupt energy flow,” says Merchant. “Regularly declutter and organise your living spaces to create a harmonious environment, and to allow energy to flow freely.”

Keeping your home in good condition with regular maintenance and repairs is also important, as a well-kept home is said to welcome in good energy, while a neglected one can disrupt it.

With these simple, Vastu-inspired touches, you’re well on your way to creating a home brimming with positivity and harmonious energy.

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