Trend Alert: 2023 Laminex Colour Collection is Here!

by Carlisle Homes

Trend Alert: 2023 Laminex Colour Collection is Here!

The 2023 Laminex Colour Collection has just been released, giving us a sneak peek at what will be hot in kitchen, bathroom and bedroom joinery next year!

Laminex leads the way when it comes to joinery trends, so we’re always excited to see the new colours and decors they add to their range each year. The 2023 Laminex Colour Collection has just been released – a carefully curated range of expressive, bright hues and warm, woody tones that we simply can’t get enough of. 

At Carlisle, we have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Laminex over many years, and we love seeing their beautiful surfaces add flair and functionality to our customers’ homes. You can see Laminex’s stunning new releases alongside their existing collection at our Spectra Showroom in Mulgrave, Victoria.                                                                  

In the meantime, read on to learn more about the fashion-forward 2023 Laminex Colour Collection and how you can use it to elevate your new Carlisle home.

Trend Alert: 2023 Laminex Colour Collection is Here!

Featured colours from the Laminex Living Pigments collection. 1 Laminex Coastal Sunrise Natural, 2 Laminex Otway AbsoluteMatte on cabinetry and PaperBark on the benchtop, 3 Laminex Golden Wattle on the display wall, and 4 Laminex Portsea on cabinetry. 

Laminex Living Pigments

Meet the four eye-catching new decors in the Laminex Living Pigments collection:

  • Otway: A deep, blackened green decor that will add depth and character to a kitchen or bathroom. Otway comes in a standard Natural finish, as well as a super-matte (and fingerprint-resistant) finish.
  • Golden Wattle: This soft, organic yellow will instantly brighten the joinery in a kitchen, children’s playroom, or bedroom. Durable and low sheen, it feels beautifully soft to the touch.
  • Coastal Sunrise: A yellow-orange decor reminiscent of a sunrise. Combine it with light oak in a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.
  • Portsea: A full-bodied, oceanic blue that looks incredible when paired with dark or mid-tone timber and touches of brass in a kitchen or dining area.
Trend Alert: 2023 Laminex Colour Collection is Here!

Featured finishes 1 Laminex Spinifex AbsoluteMatte, 2 Laminex Chestnut Woodland, Laminex Spinifex AbsoluteMatte on cabinetry, Laminex Chestnut Woodland used for internal cabinetry and shelves.

Laminex AbsoluteMatte

The six, nature-inspired decors in the Laminex AbsoluteMatte range are:

  • Aries: A versatile greyed-off white that would work equally well in a minimalist, neutral kitchen or a bathroom featuring a medley of warm timber tones. Use it across kitchen joinery, vanities, and more.
  • Spinifex: A gentle green-blue with a grey base that brings a sophisticated, natural feel to a kitchen, bathroom or laundry.
  • Paper Bark: Mid-grey with a green undertone, Paper Bark is an intriguingly tactile and fingerprint-resistant finish that’s perfect for creating an understated, modern look in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Otway: A deep, blackened hue that sits halfway between green and blue. Use it to add character to a kitchen or bathroom across joinery or shelving.
  • Moroccan Clay: This luscious, earthy tone is ideal for bringing warmth and cosiness to a dining room, family room or hallway. Pair with accents of matte black for a contemporary edge.
  • Kalamata: A pure, bold burgundy that feels both intimate and exciting. Combine it with pale grey marble benchtops, terrazzo flooring and touches of blonde oak for a fashion-forward aesthetic.
Trend Alert: 2023 Laminex Colour Collection is Here!

Featured Woodgrains include 1 Laminex Calm Oak featured on cabinetry and 2 Laminex Calm Oak Natural.

Laminex Woodgrains

The four new Laminex Woodgrains reflect the authentic textures and tones of solid timbers and sit beautifully with the new AbsoluteMatte and Living Pigments decors above.

  • Calm Oak: This light, classic oak is sure to be a favourite among Australian homeowners – it’s easy to decorate around, be it in a kitchen, bedroom or living area, and it makes spaces feel warm and inviting.
  • Weathered Ply: Ply as a joinery material is having a moment in kitchen design, and this new decor perfectly captures the look. With its fine structural detail, it suggests a slightly distressed or rusticated surface.
  • Chestnut Woodland: Looking to add hotel-like luxury to your bedroom, ensuite or study? With long, linear graining against a warm chestnut backdrop, this decor recreates the look of the highest-quality veneers used for wood inlays in fine furniture.
  • Greyed Woodland: An elegant, soft-grey woodgrain effect that sits beautifully within modern-industrial, new Scandi and eclectic interiors.
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Visit our Spectra Showroom today to see the many creative ways you can use the 2023 Laminex Colour Collection. With over 3,500 of the latest, on-trend products from leading home-design brands, you’ll be able to see products such as Laminex close-up, experience how they feel in the hand, and observe many of them expressed in spectacular, full-size room displays.


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