Podcast Episode Four: The Secrets to Budget-Savvy Style

by Carlisle Homes


Dreaming of a designer look, but stuck with a shoestring budget? In the fourth episode of our new podcast, two expert interior designers reveal how to give your new home a luxe look for less.  

It’s a situation many first-time homeowners find themselves in – you’ve managed to build your first home (yay!), but you’re left with limited funds to decorate it. If that’s a scenario you can relate to, you won’t want to miss Episode Four of our new podcast, where two expert interior designers reveal the secrets to creating a beautiful, designer look on a limited budget.


Tune into Episode Four of our new podcast and pick up tricks of the trade from design experts on how to create a beautiful and timeless interior for less.

In this info-packed episode, host Caitlin Judd taps into the design expertise of Jessica Hodges, Interior Design Manager at Carlisle Homes, and Hannah Kachel, Founder of Urban Code Interior Design, to discover how to bring the timeless elegance of a Carlisle display home to life in your own abode, without a hefty price tag.

You’ll also pick up other great decorating tips, including:  

  • How to get a designer look for less.
  • The secrets to making your house feel like home.
  • How to create a cohesive room scheme with elements that work together.
  • Picking colours and finishes that you emotionally connect with.
  • How to balance style and functionality.
  • Designer tricks for making your home feel bigger.

While you’re tuned in, you’ll also learn all about our fantastic EasyLiving colour schemes; a range of beautiful, ready-made design schemes created by our interior designers for EasyLiving homes that takes the hassle and fuss out of choosing colours and finishes. Simply pick your favourite interior and exterior scheme, and you’re done!

Catch up on the first three episodes in our podcast Home Files: First Home Building Made Easy here.



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