Transporting the Coastal Glamour of Palm Springs

by Carlisle Homes


From The Block 2019 to the glamorous Gold Coast renovation featured on House Rules it’s no wonder the hottest design trend on everyone’s lips is “Palm Springs.” Here we’ll explore clever ways to bring the exotic elegance of Palm Springs into your home without the price tag of a first class ticket to California.

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Image Source: The Amberley at Harpley Estate, Werribee, features a Palm Springs theme.

But first a little history; the style originates from the Californian city of the same name, circa 1930, when Hollywood celebrities took their holidays in Palm Springs. The look evolved as part old-world Hollywood glamour, part mid-century modern, all with a minimalist twist. The resulting design du jour is one of relaxed, laid back elegance that is perfectly suited to the Australian climate and lifestyle. Think open plan living with natural light, white and bright colours, tropical plants and glamorous accent pieces that evoke casual elegance.

Unlike many of the currently trending styles, Palm Springs inspiration can be easily achieved in your own home with accessories, furniture, styling and pops of colour. Our Interior Design Manager talks you through design tips she brought into styling our Amberley display home, below.

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Image Source: The Amberley at Harpley Estate, Werribee, features a Palm Springs theme.

Top 4 tips to bring that “just flown in from Palm Springs” feel into your home:

#1. It’s all in the detail.

And by detail we mean accessories. Sure, you can wallpaper your living room in textured palm print BUT you can just as definitely achieve the Palm Springs look with geometric statement pieces, rattan furniture, gold and brass accents, and oversized cane pendants or lamps. What could say Palm Springs in a bedroom more than a rattan bedhead, matching bedside table and a potted succulent?!

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Image Source: The Amberley at Harpley Estate, Werribee, features a Palm Springs theme.

#2. Texture is key!

We believe the recipe for Palm Springs perfection is found in layers of smooth and sleek surfaces (think marble, glass and metallic accents) paired with natural rattan and cane and then a shiny or mirrored surface to complete the look. In your living room that might come together with a cane or rattan coffee table, topped with a marble serving board. Go one step further and add old-world glamour with a gold bar cart positioned below a round textured gold metallic mirror. It’s as simple as that to create the perfect setting for coffee or cocktails. Playfully shaken and never stirred, of course!

#3. Palm Springs pops of colour.

The style comes to life when a neutral palette provides a striking backdrop for pops of signature Palm Springs colours like hot pinks, minty turquoises and fresh greens. A cream sofa provides the perfect neutral base for your living room. Artwork instantly adds style and these days you don’t need to commission a masterpiece in order to use your walls as a gallery space; bold striking pieces like this vibrant desert palm print are exotic and exciting without the gallery price tag. Try a striped or multi patterned quilt cover and this lush linen throw to instantly add that easy to execute pop of colour on your bed or couch. We love a statement piece like this quirky Cockatoo cushion.

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Image Source: The Amberley at Harpley Estate, Werribee, features a Palm Springs theme.

#4. Indoor Outdoor flow.

For most people -bringing elements of the tropical outdoors inside will conjure up feelings of the sunny Palm Springs climate. Start by positioning furniture to allow for an easy flow from inside to outside, like we did in the above Amberley display home living room. Then take inspiration from the colours and casual elegance of the outdoors. A round rattan coffee table says Palm Springs holiday home, pair it back with a natural cane plant stand and a faux or real palm. Do not underestimate the power of indoor plants (think fiddle leaf figs and potted palms) to add a tropical accent and bring the space to life. This style is all about fun -even your dog can recline in Palm Springs luxury on this luxe palm leaf print pet bed. Then throw down a round textured Fair Trade natural fibre rug and your room is transformed!

You too can achieve Palm Springs chic in your home with a combination of any of these easy-to-order pieces. The style you are going for is natural, eclectic, laid back, elegant and old-world Hollywood cool.

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