How to Keep Your Home Feeling Toasty This Winter

by Carlisle Homes


Baby it’s cold outside…and with winter well and truly on its way, your home will soon be a place of refuge from the chilly conditions outdoors.

So, if you’re going to be inside, why not make it as cosy and comfortable as possible? Here are a few of our favourite tips for creating a home that gives you a deliciously warm hug every time you step through the door!


Clovelly living room as displayed at Woodlea Estate in Aintree

Start with tons of texture

Building up different textures is a great way to add depth and warmth to a room – and when it comes to the chilly months, you can never have too much of that. But it’s important to get the balance right: rough textures will make a space feel intimate and grounded, while smooth textures bring a sleeker look. A combination of both, with an emphasis on rich textures, is the way to go for a warm and inviting space.

Create texture underfoot with a natural fibre or deep pile rug over polished floorboards. Add heavy knits and cosy textiles wherever possible - like a soft throw draped over the sofa with a mix of cable knit and velvet cushion covers.

Natural wood finishes, as well as beige and off-white fabrics, will work well in any room to create a snug winter feel.

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Clarington Grand lounge as displayed at Harpley Estate in Werribee

Then layer, upon layer, upon layer

Layering is the secret ingredient to a space that just looks ‘right’ and is the crucial next step to incorporating textures in your design.

The key to layering is breaking down the room into its components – wall coverings, flooring, furniture, textiles, lighting and décor and then building the room one layer (or component) at a time. Choose a mix of colours, patterns, textures, sizes and materials to create contrast and visual interest between layers; a rug layered over another contrasting rug, or an abundance of throws and pillows teamed with an inviting sofa and rustic floorboards.

Just don’t let your room become too busy or complicated – even a little layering goes a long way!


Rothwell theatre as displayed at Eliston Estate in Clyde

Let there be light

Warm lighting choices are essential to the successful design of a cosy winter space. Go for soft lighting options where possible – consider including a dimmer option for overhead lighting and plenty of lamps with warm globes teamed with scented candles for the twilight hours.

Use natural light to your advantage with thick drapes and curtains open during the day to let in as much light as possible, then closed at night to lock the warmth inside. Adding an oversized mirror to a bare wall will have the combined benefit of making the room appear larger as well as reflecting the winter light.


Sorrento Grand living as displayed at Aurora Estate in Wollert

Back to the books

Beautiful home libraries are fast becoming a thing of the past but we think you should buck this trend by making a feature of your book collection. As well as providing a focal point, books add another rich dimension of texture and layering to your room.

Create a literary retreat with floor to ceiling shelves, a bookcase or a built-in reading nook and always include a sofa or armchair nearby to curl up into with your favourite read. To keep the look clean and simple, choose white shelving, colour coordinate your books and make clear divisions between the books and other objects you display.

What if you don’t own enough books to warrant a dedicated library? Place an assortment of interesting hardcover books or designer magazines ready for reading on the coffee table.

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