Banish Boring White Walls By Adding Colour

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Banish boring white walls by adding colour to bring your interiors to life!

White is a classic choice for interiors, but too much of it and your home can look a little, well, stark. 

Are you suffering from ‘boring white wall syndrome’? While white is great for maximising light and a sense of space in your home, too much of it and your interior can veer into bland territory. If you’re itching to add a little colour but you’re not sure how to go about it, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert interior designers share their top tips for bringing your interior to life with the latest, on-trend hues.


Adding colour to your home doesn't have to be hard! Above we highlight on-trend colours that you can incorporate into your home. Featured here: Sanctuary Grand, Smiths Lane, Clyde North.

Why add colour

Many people feel nervous about adding colour to their home, but it’s actually one of the most useful tools in your decorating toolbox. You can use it to change the mood in a room, create zones in an open-plan area, and highlight your favourite features in a space. There are plenty of ways to bring it in – paint, artwork, fabric, and rugs, for example – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth (particularly if you’re talking paint!)

On-trend colours for 2022

Nature is having a moment in interior design right now – soft sage and rich, mossy greens, earthy neutrals like clay and greige, and warm whites are all coming through. For drama, deep petrol blue and burnt coral with touches of gold are proving popular. And if you’re feeling nostalgic, preppy 80s pastels like lemon, mint and tangerine are another trending look.


Introducing colour can completely change the look and feel of your room! Start with one colour and build your desired mood around it. Featured here: Scarborough Grand, Smiths Lane, Clyde North. 

How do you choose colour for walls?

Take your cues from a key element in a room, such as a favourite artwork, rug or sofa. This way, not only will the colour you choose harmonise with what you’ve already got, but it will reflect your personality.

Set the mood with colour

Colour has a huge impact on the feel of a room, so think about the mood you want to create. Dark colours such as navy, charcoal or mossy green will add cosiness – ideal for a TV room or a family room. Or, for a laid-back and welcoming feel in a living room, consider nurturing earthy tones such as buff or muted terracotta.

Bright colours are great for bringing a sense of fun and playfulness to a playroom or a child’s bedroom. Just be careful about adding too many bright colours to a child’s bedroom as it may not be conducive to sleep – some cheery bedlinen or art balanced out with neutral walls and flooring is often the best way to go.

For a master or guest bedroom, a soft hue such as powdery blue or green will introduce a restful vibe.


Switching up your wall colour is a great place to inject some personality into a space. Create calm in your lounge by opting for earthy-neutral walls. Featured here: Scarborough Grand, Smiths Lane, Clyde North.

Add colour to your walls

You’ll find a little goes a long way when it comes to colour. Try painting a feature wall behind your bed, in a study nook or in your entry. Or make your TV visually recede into the background by painting the wall behind it in charcoal or navy and keeping the rest of the walls neutral. Or introduce some personality to a family bathroom with colourful splashback tiles.

Warm-up a lounge by painting all four walls in a gentle, earthy neutral, which you can then carry through to your soft furnishings and flooring for a tonal effect. Add some pattern to a study with a striking wallpaper or a touch of texture with a grass cloth wallpaper. Or add an element of surprise to a powder room with walls in a rich, jewel-tone like jade or turquoise.


Featuring colourful artwork and objects can be a simple way to add character and brighten your space. Featured here: Sorrento Grand, Redstone Estate, Sunbury.

Credits: 1. Luxury Velvet Cushion in Jade, Aura Home. 2. Macaron Pillow in Ivory, In the Sac. 3. Circa Olive Planter, Pillow Talk. 4. Amelie Vase, James Lane. 5. Frill Feature Pot, Capra Designs. 

Introduce colourful art

If you’d prefer to keep your base neutral with white walls and bring in colour in other ways, art is your go-to.

Ideally, the artwork you choose should connect all the other elements in the room, from furniture and rugs to cushions. If you favour neutrals, look for artwork with beige, clay, and soft pastel tones. For a more opulent look, choose richer colours such as deep blues and greens with accents of black. 

When it comes to artwork themes, look to the style of your room. So, in a home with a coastal theme, you might choose a gorgeous seascape or a photograph of a beach scene. In a mid-century-style home, try bold, abstract prints in eye-catching colours, or for a traditional décor scheme, choose landscapes and classic portraits.


Choosing the right coloured fabric can add character to a sofa or bed, add a textural fabric in a velvet or a boucle to warm-up a room. Featured here: Canterbury Grand Deluxe, Aurora Estate, Wollert.

Choose statement fabrics and textures

Add character to your lounge with one or two brightly coloured furniture pieces, such as a velvet-covered sofa or armchair in a look-at-me colour. Up the glam factor with a coffee or side table in terrazzo or light fixtures in brass or brushed gold. Liven up a plain sofa with a medley of cheerful, patterned scatter cushions. Or put the focus on gorgeous, textural layers by choosing upholstered furniture in touch-me fabrics such as boucle or velvet cord in warm neutral tones that closely match your walls.


Decor is a must! Opt for colourful objects and coffee-table books, and go-green by adding some plants dotted around your space. Featured here: Sorrento Grand, Redstone Estate, Sunbury.

Add magic with colourful décor pieces 

Colourful finishing touches pack a powerful punch in an otherwise neutral space. Bring the outside in with a cluster of potted plants at different heights or a few trailing plants. Brighten up a coffee table with a stack of colourful books topped with a beautiful candle or plant. Or create an eye-catching vignette on open shelves with a display of colourful ceramics in interesting shapes and tonal shades (whip out the spray paint for a fun and easy DIY activity for this! 

Bedside tables and vanity units are perfect spots for a use of fashionable colour pops that can be changed over time keeping your interiors fresh – create interest with a mixture of texture and heights

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