A Home Office Design to Make You More Productive

by Carlisle Homes


The right contemporary home office design can make you more focused and inspired – here’s how to create your very own work-from-home haven.

For many of us, working from home for at least part of the week is now the norm. From lighting and storage to personal touches that make the space more inviting, here are some modern study room ideas that will help you get down to business.

Add personality with books and decor pieces

Contemporary home office design is all about creating a warm and inviting workspace that you’ll actually enjoy spending time in. Inject personality into your home study by styling your bookshelves with books, ceramics and interesting decor pieces that tell a story. To create a calm energy, choose ceramics with curved, organic lines in different shades and sizes. Our stylist sourced pieces from Modern Times and Bloomingville.

The key to styling success is not to overfill your shelves – otherwise they risk looking cluttered. Take a tip from interior design experts and create a pleasing arrangement by stacking books horizontally or vertically, layering objects, and allowing plenty of breathing space around your arrangements.

Liven up the walls of your home study with a framed print or two, like this piece: ‘Gold Earrings’ by Stacey Rees from Modern Times. Or add warmth and dimension to your home office with a beautiful woven wall hanging.


Include natural textures and calming colours

Glass, ceramics and natural woven materials will warm up your home office design and help soften the room’s hard edges. And don’t be afraid to introduce the odd piece from another room – for example, a cosy rug from the guest room (we used the Adele Circle Rug from GlobeWest) or an artwork that normally hangs in a living area – as you’ll find it creates a more personal, lived-in feel.

When it comes to colours for your workspace, soft neutrals or a simple monochromatic scheme will create an open and inviting aesthetic without clamouring for your attention. If you’re itching to add a little colour, consider a brightly coloured desk chair, an upholstered pinboard or funky desk accessories.


A comfortable chair that supports your back, a quality desk lamp so you can read documents or your laptop with ease, and a clear, uncluttered work surface are the key ingredients to any functional work-from-home space.

Comfort and light

When talking contemporary home office design ideas, colour and decoration are not the only key factors – good ergonomics are perhaps even more important, ensuring that you’ll be comfortable at your desk for long stretches and won’t need to strain your eyes when reading your screen or documents.

Start with good lighting. A desk lamp with an adjustable arm allows you to direct light where you need it and, by opting for an interesting material such as aged brass, you’ll add another layer of decorative interest to your home study or office. If desk space is tight, you might consider a wall-mounted lamp. Featured here is the Modernist Table Lamp by DOMO.

A quality desk chair is another essential, keeping you comfortable during office hours, and adding a professional feel to your workspace. Choose one that supports your back well, in a statement fabric that complements your room scheme – featured here is the Scoop High Chair by Tom Dixon, available at Living Edge, which adds both functionality and a serious dose of style to any contemporary office interior design.


Create a home office space you’ll enjoy spending time in by adding floating shelves where you can display artworks or ceramics, using calming, neutral tones on the walls, and adding softness underfoot with a rug or carpet.


Features like double-height atriums, generously sized windows, and seamless indoor-outdoor connection, all of which you’ll find in Carlisle Homes designs, make it easy to draw light and fresh air into your abode.

Mirrors & balanced lighting to enhance positivity

Use mirrors to amplify light and energy throughout your home, and to draw in beautiful garden views. However, you’ll want to avoid hanging them opposite your front door or bed, as this is believed to disrupt positive energy.

Maximise natural light by specifying generous, well-placed windows. Supplement natural light and create a cosy glow by adding lamps, pendants, and wall lights with, warm LED bulbs, rather than harsh fluorescents.

The care factor

“In Vastu Shastra, a cluttered space is believed to disrupt energy flow,” says Merchant. “Regularly declutter and organise your living spaces to create a harmonious environment, and to allow energy to flow freely.”

Keeping your home in good condition with regular maintenance and repairs is also important, as a well-kept home is said to welcome in good energy, while a neglected one can disrupt it.

With these simple, Vastu-inspired touches, you’re well on your way to creating a home brimming with positivity and harmonious energy.

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