Turn Your Lounge Into a Relaxing Family Sanctuary

by Carlisle Homes


Our step by step guide: how to turn your lounge into an inviting sanctuary for relaxation and family connection.

The lounge is the social hub of your home – it’s where your family gathers to relax, hang out and watch movies together. So you’ll want it to feel comfortable and inviting for all. If your lounge is feeling a tad cold, don’t despair; our expert interior designers are here to help with practical tips on how to transform it into a relaxing retreat the whole family will love.

The right foundations

Start by anchoring the space with key pieces of furniture, such as your sofa, coffee table and side tables. For a relaxed vibe, seek out pieces in natural materials with rounded lines.

A low-slung modular sofa is a great option as it offers plenty of seating for everyone to spread out or snuggle up on movie nights. Choose upholstery that is durable enough to withstand the rigours of family life – washable covers are worth looking out for if you have young children.

Pair it with a low-level coffee table that can double as a desk for drawing and curvy side tables where you can pop a drink when the little ones are tucked up in bed.


Add bold artwork

Frame furniture with a striking feature artwork or feel-good objects that have personal meaning to your family. The stylist used pieces from Tres Art.

Be sure to hang art at the right height; too high and it can feel disconnected from the furniture below it, too low and the room will feel cramped. Ideally, the centre of the piece should be around 150 centimetres above ground level.

If you’re uncertain about your colour scheme, make like a stylist and take your cues from the colours in your art. Ideally, your room palette should consist of no more than two to three main colours and one or two accent hues. Create a cohesive feel by running these colours throughout the room – from furniture and rugs to decor pieces.

Light it right

A layered lighting scheme consisting of overhead illumination and lamps at different levels is perfect for a cosy lounge as it allows you to adjust the level of light to suit the mood – brighter for reading or entertaining and dimmer when it’s time to snuggle down on the sofa and catch up on Netflix.

Add one or two table lamps to side tables and consider hanging a statement pendant in the corner of the room.


Ideally, your room palette should consist of no more than two to three main colours and one or two accent hues. Consider introducing black and white images to accompany colourful objects in order to neutralize the composition.

Introduce cosy, textural touches

If your lounge feels a little lacking in warmth, it could be crying out for more texture. A plush rug can transform and shape a room, plus it feels delightful underfoot. If the rest of your lounge is fairly neutral, this is your opportunity to be a little bold with pattern – just be sure to choose a style that’s in keeping with your colour palette. A rounded rug such as the NUDO rug from Halcyon Lake will add to the calming feel of the space.

From there, look to cosy up the sofa with a medley of cushions in different shapes and materials, such as velvet, linen and faux fur. Then drape a soft, knitted or cashmere throw on the edge for added softness (cushions and throws were chosen from Adairs).

Add creative flair with a styled vignette

Add character to the room and create a vignette with different sculptural objects like vases, statues, small frames and other mementos. As a rule, try working to an ‘L’ or ‘V’ formation. Using these shapes as a guide will ensure your scene is stylish and dynamic with varying heights. Try grouping similar elements together; textures, colours or themes, for a sense of harmony, or create striking impact by arranging contrasting hues and surfaces together, against a bold feature wall.


Your lounge should feel warm and inviting, but not cluttered. Introduce a textural rug underfoot and a selection of sculptural objects to display, whilst utilizing a smart storage system to keep the overall look and feel tidy and minimal. Featured here the Nudo Rug from Halcyon Lake, the Stoneware vase from Bloomingville and the Eames House Bird by Vitra.

Take the focus off the TV

The TV is a must-have in most family lounges, but fact is, they’re not very attractive. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can draw attention away from it. For a quick and easy fix, surround it with artwork, artfully arranged stacks of books and fresh flowers. Alternatively, paint the wall behind the television a dark hue so that the screen visually recedes into the background. Another option is built-in joinery with doors that tuck the television away when it’s not in use.

Minimise clutter

A busy room used by all the family can quickly become a mess-trap. The solution? Smart storage. Introduce woven baskets, such as these from Bloomingville, in a mix of sizes to house remote controls, magazines and folded spare throws. If you need to tidy away bulky toys, consider a storage ottoman or a sofa with storage hidden in the seat.

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