9 Top Tips for Styling Your Home Office

by Carlisle Homes


Explore our expert tips to maximise space and productivity in your home office. 

Spending more time working from home? Turn your study or home office into a buzzy hub of ideas or a haven of calm with the right colours, fixtures, layout and lighting. Follow these nine great styling tips from our interior designers or watch our short videos on how to set up the ultimate home workspace. 


1. Space to spread out

When home is your workspace, even if it’s just for a couple of days a week, you’ll want plenty of room to spread out. As a guide, seek out a freestanding desk that is at least 120cm wide – bigger if you plan to share your desk with another person at times.  

For a stylish and seamless look, consider a built-in desk with matching joinery in a luxurious finish, such as a timber laminate. A wall-mounted style that maximises floor space is a great option if you want to make a small study appear bigger.


Explore our unique office floor plans to help you decide the best layout option for your home and lifestyle.

2. Focus on ergonomics

If the sofa has been your workspace for a couple of years, it might be time to move on. Not only is it bad for your spine, but generally speaking, it’s not the most productive spot to work.

Invest in a quality desk chair with decent back support. So how can you tell if you’re properly supported? When seated, your feet should rest flat on the floor and the chair back should follow the natural curve of your spine.


Creating the office of your dreams does not have to be difficult, it should inspire you and reflect your personality! Featured here: Sorrento Grand Retreat, Mt. Atkinson Estate, Truganina. 

Credits: 1. Adelaide Chair, BoConcept. 2. DOME Table Lamp in Brushed Brass, Freedom. 3. Chainlinks Brass Sculpture, Madras Link. 4. Rug, James Lane. 6. The Lowdown locker in Sage, Mustard Made. 6. Olivia Computer Desk in Gray Oak, CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan..

3. Personalise with style

Chances are you’ll be spending hours every day in your home office, so it pays to make it a space you really love. Liven up the walls with artwork, a gorgeous, framed print or beautiful, patterned wallpaper.

Create softness underfoot with a cosy rug and bring in nature with a few indoor plants on your shelves or desk.

4. Add an inspiration board

Keep your goals top of mind by having them visible on an inspiration board above or beside your desk. Display anything that inspires you, whether it’s magazine cut-outs, photos or invitations or a mix. This is also a good spot to pin up your work goals for the day or week.


To complement your home office, add a large shelving unit to organise your files and incorporate a wall or desk lamp to warm up the space. Featured here: Scarborough Grand, Smiths Lane, Clyde North.

5. Shelve it

Freestanding or built-in shelves running along an entire wall of your study will give ample space to store files and reference books, which helps keep the desk clutter-free.

Open shelves provide a great styling opportunity – stack books horizontally and vertically, add in a few decorative objects, try some colour grouping or incorporate artwork.

Or, if you prefer a minimalist, Zen-like working space, choose a shelving unit with a mix of open shelves and cupboards so you can keep folders, files, and books, hidden away behind doors.

6. Light it right

Good lighting – both natural and artificial – is essential for preventing eye strain and creating a pleasant workspace. Position your desk in a spot near a window that receives natural light and choose coverings such as linen sheers that let in the sun’s rays.

If your home office is in a shaded part of the house, try placing a large mirror behind your desk that bounces what light you do have around.

Add in a desk lamp or wall lamp with an adjustable arm and a dimmer switch that allows you to create the exact amount of illumination you need, whether you’re working on your laptop or reading.


Set up your workspace for productivity by selecting colours that reflect your work style, and keep your office organised with decorative labels and storage! Featured here: Sorrento Grand, Mt. Atkinson Estate, Truganina.

Credits: 1. Feature Pot, Capra Designs. 2. The Baskets in Mustard, Mustard Made. 3. Curio Practice Splash Check Blanket, Youtime.com. 4. The Essential Desk Classic in Oak, Pop Up Desks. 5. PUTNEY Table Lamp in Blush, Freedom. 6. Canary Move Insulated Infuser flask, Made by Fressko. 7. Funnel Pot, Capra Designs. 8. The Shorty Locker in Navy, The Midi in Ocean, Mustard Made. 9. Lowdown Locker in Blush Vertical, Mustard Made. 

7. Stay organised

Use labelled boxes and folders to keep all your important documents organised and close to hand. Colour coding can help keep things even more accessible and will transform an otherwise utilitarian item into something decorative and attractive.

8. Choose colours for productivity

When choosing colours and patterns for your home office, the key is to understand your work style. Soft blues and greens will create a serene environment – ideal if you need to concentrate for long stretches. A warm hue like a rose inspires creativity and helps get those mental juices flowing. Pops of bright colour, such as sunshine yellow, will lift your spirits every time you walk into your study (a boon on a Monday morning!)

Navy, forest green and warm neutrals such as greige or mushroom will set a cosy, nurturing tone. And then there’s white – just the thing to create a clear, calm mind when you start the day.


Breaks from work are essential! Therefore, place a comfortable sofa or armchair in the corner of your office so you can unwind and recharge. Featured here: Canterbury Grand Deluxe, Aurora Estate, Wollert. 

9. Make space for a break

If you’ve got the room, set up a seating area in your home office where you can step away from your desk.

A comfortable armchair and a side table, a small sofa or a cushioned window seat will all create an enticing spot to read a book, take a call or simply avert your gaze from your screen for a few minutes. Then you can return to work, refreshed but not distracted. 

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