8 Interior Design Trends for Winter 2023

by Carlisle Homes


Tap into this season’s styling trends to cosy up your home this winter. Discover how.

The temperature’s dropping, which means it’s time to dial up the cosiness factor in our homes. If you’re searching for inspiration, look no further. We’ve rounded up eight of the hottest interior design trends for winter 2023, all of which are guaranteed to bring warmth, comfort and a fresh new look to your home.

1. Earthy colours

This winter’s colour trends take their inspiration from the great outdoors, pairing timber tones with earthy shades such as slubby brown, warm greens, rust, caramel and turmeric. Use these versatile colours in your living area, family room, entry, dining room or kitchen to create a welcoming and cocooning feel that’s perfect for the chilly months.

Oceanic blues are also gaining traction this season – just the thing to set a tone of calm and serenity in a home office, bedroom or a relaxing bathroom retreat. The latest home decor trends combine classic blue with warm timber tones, textural fabrics and touches of brass for an off-the-moment look.

2. Texture

Touch-me textures such as boucle, felt, matt velvet and natural linen are a treat for the senses and create the comforting feel we all crave in the winter months.

Bring your sofa setting up to date using the latest decorating trends; add in a boucle armchair or a medley of matt-velvet cushions. Up the luxe factor by introducing a range of other indulgent textures to the scheme, such as a shag pile rug, a woven wool wall hanging and a fringed cashmere throw draped over the end of a sofa.


The winter months call for cocooning corners that you want to spend time in. Consider earthy neutrals and touch-me textures like boucle to dial up the comfort factor. Discover how to create an oasis with your master bedroom and ensuite here.

3. Curves

Curves are one of the biggest interior design trends of 2023 and it’s easy to see the appeal; trending furniture styles like shapely furniture give an inviting and plush feeling, and adds a sense of softness to a room. What’s not to love?

Curves also tap into the trend for nature-inspired interiors, echoing the smooth-flowing lines you’d find in the natural world. They work on a practical level too; curved furniture is easy to navigate your way around and naturally draws the eye through a space.

Bring the shapely look into your own home with a curved sofa or armchair and a round-edged coffee table in the living or family room. Consider an oval dining table in your meals area, or a round or arched mirror for bathrooms and above the hallway console.

4. Natural materials

From rattan and wicker to sisal, natural woven materials are having a moment in interiors right now. These classic materials are cropping in just about every room of the home, including kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, bedside tables and bedheads, pendant lights, seating and hallway consoles.

Natural woven fibres bring warmth, interest and a sense of craftsmanship to your home that transcends the season. And they sit beautifully alongside other popular natural materials, such as marble, timber and terracotta.


Focus on bringing warmth and interest into your home with shapely furniture and natural materials. Woven fabrics, timber tones and shades of terracotta are some of the latest home decor trends. Then add character with a textural wall-hanging and a curved side table. Featured here: Left - Piermont, Attwell Estate, Deanside. Right - Thornleigh, Newhaven Estate, Tarneit.

5. Artisanal homewares

The interior design trends for 2023 are seeing a renewed appreciation for the handmade and unique – think handcrafted ceramics, textural wall hangings, craftsman-made furniture and quirky one-offs with a story to tell. Ceramics are both functional and decorative, and add an earthy artisanal feel to your home.

These are pieces that bring soul to a home and allow you to showcase your personal style. When creating displays of ceramics, look to mix pieces of different shapes and heights in tonal or harmonising colours. For wall hangings and one-off furniture, ensure pieces have plenty of breathing space around them so their shape and texture can shine. Read more on choosing the perfect artwork for your home here.

6. Feature walls

Texture, drama, an eye-catching focal point – there’s nothing a feature wall can’t do. And they’re firmly in the spotlight for 2023. Add depth and interest to a bedroom with a linen-effect or tonal, patterned wallpaper on the wall behind the bed; bring a sense of luxury to a living or dining room with a panelled or tiled wall; or for maximum escapism, consider a scenic mural or painterly wallpaper on a large-scale wall in your entry.


Opt for maximum escapism when you enter the bedroom. A linen-effect or tonal, patterned wallpaper behind the bed gives a luxe effect whilst creating a focal point for the space. Featured here: Astoria Grand, Cloverton Estate, Kalkallo.

7. Mindful design choices

‘Buy once, buy well’ is the mantra of the moment as more of us embrace the idea of conscious consumerism. The latest home decor trend is to invest in pieces that offer longevity, quality and durability. Sustainability is also a key concern, with more consumers seeking out eco-friendly and responsibly sourced homewares that are kind to the environment and support local suppliers.


Whether you opt for an indoor plant or perhaps just a touch of foliage on your bedside table, indoor gardening brings a fresh and wholesome feel to any room during the cooler months. Featured here: Portland, Minta Estate, Berwick.

8. Indoor plants

With most of us spending more time at home than ever before, indoor gardening has become more popular. Plants inject instant life into your home and the act of gardening itself is incredibly relaxing – the perfect activity when you’re stuck inside over the winter months.

This season, it’s all about statement plants. Think variegated plants, such as calathea and marble queen pothos, with patterned leaves that blend green, cream and white; or tree-sized plants such as large fiddle leaf figs, rubber trees and banana leaf plants that add impact and drama to the corner of a room. Read more on creating a lush, leafy vibe in your home here.

Smaller plants with striking foliage are also on many homeowners’ wish lists, such as fern leaf cactus, mini monstera and philodendron gloriosum. They look stunning either on their own or clustered together.

Our love affair with trailing plants such as devil’s ivy, string of pearls and spider plants shows little sign of slowing down. While previous years were all about arranging these species on your living room shelves, this season they’re creeping into the bathroom trends for 2023.

The other hot plant craze of the moment is preserved foliage – and it’s one that is sure to appeal if you struggle to keep fresh plants alive. Dried ornamental grasses and flowers require zero upkeep and can last up to two years, while adding a wonderful, wintry vibe to your home.


From earthy tones and timber shades to lush greenery and the perfect boucle piece; give your home a winter makeover using the latest decorating trends and create an ideal setting to spend time in during the cooler months.

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