6 Big Decorating Trends Coming Your Way in 2024

by Carlisle Homes


Decorating your home? Here’s a sneak peek at the colours, furniture shapes and features that are set to dominate interiors in 2024.


Colours, finishes, furniture shapes… if you’re thinking about how to decorate the interior of your new home, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover six interior design trends that are predicted to be huge in homes in 2024, and get a head start when it comes to creating a home that’s both timeless and fashion-forward.


1. Minimaluxe

Minimaluxe is all about paring back the visual clutter to create simple and refined living spaces that make you feel good. Central to the look are soft, earthy colours, such as beige, taupe and airy white, gentle curves, rich wood tones, beautiful textured stones, and tactile linens, boucle and wool which are combined to create an effortless sense of calm.

This 2024 home interior trend is perfect for creating a serene living space or a retreat-like master suite – step inside, and feel your stress instantly fade away.


2. Colour drenching

One of the biggest and boldest 2024 home colour trends is colour drenching – in short, the idea of choosing one colour, and adding swathes of it to a room. Described by some designers as ‘a feature wall on steroids’, it’s a sure-fire way to creating an unforgettable room.

Popular colours include warm, nature-drawn shades of mustard, terracotta and dusty green, which you’d run in a single or multiple shades right from walls, ceiling and flooring to window treatments and light fixtures. It’s a look that works best in individual rooms rather than open-plan spaces – think a powder room, guest bedroom, study or child’s bedroom. Mix different finishes, such as matt and gloss, fabric and metal, to add depth and dimension to the finished look.


Inject personal style into your living spaces with 2024’s biggest trends, whether it’s the timeless appeal of simple, classic furniture, the drama of colour drenching, or creating a haven of calm with minimaluxe.

3. Slow furniture

If Covid taught us anything, it’s to slow down and appreciate the things that really matter, including the earth’s precious resources. Sustainability in design, or the idea of buying once and buying well, is a philosophy that today’s homeowners are passionately embracing. Not only does it reduce landfill but, in the long run, it’s kinder on your budget.

Today, rather than viewing furniture and homewares as disposable objects that we replace every few seasons, we’re more likely to invest in simple, quality pieces that will stand the test of time and provide years of good service.

Running alongside this philosophy is a renewed appreciation for craftsmanship, and the work and skill that goes into creating timeless and durable pieces, be it a classic, handcrafted sofa, a beautifully turned timber dining table, or artisanal décor pieces that tell their makers’ stories.


4. Wellness spaces

Dedicating a part of your home to activities that make you feel your best is a trend that’s fast gaining traction for 2024.

A wellness space can take many forms; for some, it might be a whole room dedicated to a home gym, for others a corner of the living area made into a yoga or meditation space, a retreat-like bathroom, or a built-in window seat where you can curl up in the sunshine with a good book. But the goal remains the same – boosting your mood and enhancing your sense of wellbeing, all from the comfort of home.


Next year’s design trends are less prescriptive than those of previous years, with a focus on creating intimate and unique living spaces that feel good to be in.

5. Feature walls with a difference

Texture is the big buzzword for feature walls in the year ahead. And if you want to add warmth and character to your home, it’s an idea you’re sure to love.

A textural feature wall is a clever way to add interest to an otherwise minimalist scheme, injecting instant cosiness, without visually overwhelming a space. You’ll find there’s no shortage of ways to achieve the textured-wall trend; try adding a v-groove panelled wall in your entry or hallway, a Venetian plastered accent wall in a living space, a textural, woven wallpaper behind the bed, or an imperfect, mottled paint finish in a bathroom.


6. ‘Break the rules’ decorating

As for one of our favourite 2024 interior design trends? It’s the one that throws the so-called decorating rule book right out the window. Because, let’s face it, to create a home that truly reflects your style, you should feel comfortable decorating it just the way you like.

Mixing pieces from different eras, say a vintage armchair and a sleek, contemporary floor lamp in a living room, combining clashing colours, such as pink and red, or black and navy, and playing with scale, such as having an oversized pendant over the dining table or choosing a sized-up wallpaper pattern for behind the bed, are just some of the ways you can express confidence in your own interior design style, while giving your home a unique and lived-in look.

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