5 Feature Wall Ideas for Your Home

by Carlisle Homes


Looking to give your home a little bit of WOW factor? We share some of our favourite creative feature wall ideas!

Character, texture and depth can all be achieved through walls to make a room warmer, brighter and cosier. Whether you opt for tiles, wallpaper or a trusty tin of paint, a blank wall can be transformed into a striking feature – and often without a huge outlay of time or expense.

It can be a nifty design tool too; you can apply colour or pattern to a single wall to visually enlarge a small room, frame a bedhead or ‘hide’ a wall-mounted television in plain sight.

Tempted to try it? We’ve collated a gallery of stunning feature walls to inspire you, along with practical tips for getting it right.

Bedroom-Feature-Wall-Meridian-Display-Home-Carlisle-HomesBODY 1.png

This beautifully patterned wall tile adds another dimension to the master bedroom at Astoria Grand, Meridian

1. Choose the right wall

The ideal spot is the wall that people first see or focus on when they enter a room, such as the wall opposite a doorway, the one behind the bed or living-room sofa, or the rear wall in a powder room.

If you’ve got your heart set on a dark pattern or colour, ensure the chosen wall receives plenty of natural light. Insufficient illumination can make rich and complex patterns or tones appear gloomy.

Creative-Feature-Wall-Ideas-Carlisle-Homes=-BODY 2.png

Create a calming mood with Dulux Cobbler featured in the study of the Amberley at Harpley

2. Select the perfect colour

Introducing colour to a space instantly changes its mood, so when selecting a tone think carefully about the atmosphere you want to create. A deep teal on a bedroom wall, for example, sets a cosy and restful vibe as featured in our Dulux Cultivate blog; a pale, softly drawn wallpaper or textured tiles can add subtle sophistication to a living room; while a patterned wallpaper in bright colours is sure to inject energy and fun into a family room.

You should also factor in the other tones and finishes in the room to ensure your chosen colour sits comfortably alongside them. And remember – colours look different under different light conditions, so view them under both natural and artificial light and at various times of day and night before you commit.

Feature-Walls-Bedroom-Carlisle-Homes-BODY 3.png

Inject some fun and personality into your bedrooms with Dulux Tan Wagon as featured at Macan, Elements

3. Painted feature walls

The quickest, easiest and most affordable way to add personality and flair to a space is with a lick of paint. Simply carve out half a day, grab a tin of paint and voila – your focal point is complete.

The desire to connect with nature continues to resonate and shape our design trends; add earthy appeal with an expanse of warm terracotta (try Dulux Warmth), rich green (such as Dulux Amphitrite) or a soft grey-green (Dulux Waitangi), or up the luxe factor with cranberry or deep eggplant (try Dulux Purple Palace).

But colour isn’t your only option. You’ll find a raft of textured paint finishes on offer, including concrete, metallic- and stone-effect paints, which add instant character (check out Dulux Design Effects range).

“Dressing up your walls with some glimmer or a raw texture is a great way to give a feature wall a little more personality,” says Carlisle Interior Design Manager, Danielle Taylor.

Living-Room-Feature-Walls-Carlisle-Homes-BODY 3.png

Montague Grand at Woodlea achieves elegance and sophistication with this feature wall using Beaumont Mosaic Soho Herringbone Rabbit Stone

4. Tile Feature Walls

Textured tiles are just the thing to add tactility, warmth and colour to a space. And there’s no shortage of styles; choose from wood-look tiles for a rustic touch, graphic and three-dimensional styles for a sleek, contemporary edge or textured sandstone tiles to make you feel as though you’re holidaying in the Greek Islands.

While a bathroom is the obvious spot for a tiled wall, tiles can be equally effective in other parts of the home too. Apply them to a chimney breast in the living room, make a statement in your kitchen by tiling a wall to match (or contrast with) your splashback, or add a decorative touch to your outdoor entertaining area with tiles. For more clever ways to decorate with tiles, check out this article.

“When choosing tiles, make sure they contrast with or complement the other major elements in the room, whether that’s with colour or texture,” says Taylor. “Also select the right tile size for the space. For a big wall in a generously sized room, opt for larger-format tiles. Smaller tiles, such as mosaics, are ideal for compact bathrooms or bedrooms,” she says.

For more inspiration on creating a tile feature wall in your bathroom, view our Get Creative With Tiles! blog article. 

Feature-Wall-Ideas-Carlisle-Homes-BODY 4.png

This feature wallpaper adds texture to the Rothwell at Eliston Estate, Clyde.

5. Wallpaper feature walls

For a softer touch, make your feature wall come alive with wallpaper. The options are endless; take your pick from intricate patterns, oversized graphic prints and realistic-looking wood, brick and stone papers. Thanks to digital printing you can even have your favourite holiday snapshot turned into a unique wallpaper.

When styling a room with bold wallpaper, balance is crucial, says Taylor. “It can be very dominating, so be sure not to overload the room with competing patterns and decorative items.

“And while installing wallpaper yourself will keep costs down, if you’re not experienced it’s worth engaging an expert installer to achieve that perfect finish,” she says.

Check out the latest design trends and pick up great ideas for your next home or decorating project with a visit to one of Carlisle Homes’ display homes in Melbourne. 


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