5 Feature Wall Ideas You’ll Love

by Carlisle Homes

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Looking to give your home a bit of wow factor? A feature wall is a great way to do it – here are five irresistible ideas to try.

“A feature wall is a brilliant decorating tool,” says Jessica Hodges, Carlisle Homes’ Interior Design Manager. “You can use one to add depth, dimension and interest to a space, make it feel more inviting and intimate, or add cosiness to a large, lofty room.”


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Feature walls are an easy DIY project that anyone can tackle, and there are plenty of ways to create one, including paint, wallpaper, wall panels and (if you’ve got a bit more DIY experience) tiles.

And there’s no shortage of spots around the home where you can add one. “Make a statement with a feature wall in your entry and set the entire tone of the rest of your home,” says Hodges. “Highlight a feature fireplace with colour or the detail and texture of tiles, add visual interest to the wall behind your bed with beautiful wallpaper, or create a dramatic, cinematic experience by adding a feature wall to your home theatre.”

At Carlisle, we love a feature wall, and our interior design team uses them in endlessly creative ways throughout our display homes. So, if you’re looking for feature wall inspiration, make a time to come and visit! “One of my favourites is in the entry of our Canterbury Grand Atrium 47 display home at Alamora Estate in Tarneit, where we’ve layered stone-look porcelain panels, laminate board and mirrored inserts to create a really opulent feel,” says Hodges.

“We’ve also created some amazing feature walls with wallpaper – check out the master bedroom of our Sebel 29 display home at Newhaven Estate in Tarneit, where we’ve used a soft, stone-effect vinyl wallpaper to set a serene tone. Meanwhile, we’ve done something a little different in the master walk-in robe at our Astoria Grand 54 display home at Meridian Estate in Clyde North by lining the entire ceiling in a subtle cloud paper to add a touch of the unexpected.”

Keen to make your own surface statement? Here are five fabulous feature wall ideas to try.  

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Create a feature wall using wall panels such as Surround by Laminex to add instant texture and interest to the space, be it in a hallway, bedroom or living area.

1. Wall panels

Keen to add some texture to your home? Give one of the season’s hottest trends – wall panelling – a try. Easy-to-install products like Surround by Laminex come in a variety of profiles, so you can create different effects (think linear v-groove panelling, curvy, scalloped panelling, demi rounds and more). Once you’ve installed the panels on your walls, simply add a lick of paint, and you’re done!

Make your fireplace the focal point by lining it in v-groove panelling, bring classic charm to your home office or hallway by lining it with scalloped panelling, or add an on-trend, retro vibe to your teenager’s bedroom with panelling in demi rounds behind their bed.

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If you’re new to DIY, a painted feature wall is a great first project– it’s quick, easy and inexpensive. And if you don’t like the colour, you can simply paint over it!

2. A painted wall

The quickest, easiest and most affordable way to create a feature wall is with a lick of paint. Simply carve out half a day, grab a tin of paint and voila – your focal point is complete. According to the Dulux Colour Forecast 2024, dusty blues, leafy greens and decadent reds are the go-to colours this year. Or, for a warmer, lighter look, opt for this year’s popular sun-soaked neutrals, like clay, terracotta or reddy brown.

“One of our favourite feature wall ideas is to paint the upper half of the wall in one colour and add lining boards in another colour below it – it’s a beautiful look that feels thoroughly contemporary,” says Hodges.

Love the idea of adding some colour to your home? Get the lowdown on the trending feature wall colours of 2024 in this story we ran recently.


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Add a unique twist to your feature wall by choosing a special-effect paint, such as one with a highly textured finish or that mimics the look of stone, copper, pearl or stainless steel.

3. Special-effect paint

Plain decorative paint isn’t your only option for a feature wall in your living room, bedroom or elsewhere – why not add a touch of fun with a special-effect paint finish. “There are plenty to choose from, including concrete, metallic and stone effects, chalkboard paint, which is great for a kid’s room or play area, and pearlescent finishes,” says Hodges. “Or create a wonderfully soft and textural feel with a feature wall in a Venetian plaster finish.”

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A feature wall in a beautiful, patterned wallpaper instantly draws the eye and takes your room to a whole new level, and you’ll find a raft of gorgeous designs to choose from.

4. Wallpaper

Whether it’s a playful pattern in your child’s bedroom, a stunning mural behind your bed, or a graphic print that adds drama to your dining room, a feature wall in a stunning wallpaper is sure to get noticed. “The pattern can be subtle or bold, depending on the look you want to create,” says Hodges. “Or consider a highly textural wallpaper, such as grass weave, to bring in some luxury and cosiness.”

As for this year’s wallpaper trends; “Retro-inspired pinstripes and floral patterns are making a comeback, along with beautiful, natural papers that create an earthy, modern feel,” she says.

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When it comes to decorative tiles, bathrooms and kitchens aren’t your only options – try adding them to your fireplace wall, or the wall behind your vanity or laundry sink for a high-impact look.

5. Feature wall tiles

Textured tiles are just the thing to add tactility, warmth and colour to a space. And there’s plenty to choose from, including wood-look tiles for a rustic touch, graphic and three-dimensional styles for a contemporary edge, or textured sandstone tiles for a nature-inspired effect.

You could create an eye-catching feature wall in your ensuite with marble-effect mosaics, make a statement in your kitchen by tiling a wall to match (or contrast with) your splashback, or add a decorative touch to your outdoor entertaining area with tiles.

For more ideas on how to get creative with tiles, check out this story.

Tips for success

Interior Design Manager Jessica Hodges shares her expert advice for creating the perfect feature wall in your home.

Before you begin, decide what you’re trying to achieve: If you want to soften the feel of a room, a simple paint-out will do the trick. If you want to add detail, consider wallpaper. Depending on the print or pattern you choose, you can use it to add as much or as little detail as you like.

Choose the right spot: Ideally, your feature wall will be the first wall you see when you enter a room, such as the wall opposite a doorway, the one behind your bed or living room sofa, or the rear wall in a powder room.

Go for contrasts: If you want to accentuate a particular feature in a room, like a fireplace, consider using tiles or a paint colour in a colour or finish that contrasts with your walls. 

Keep orientation in mind: Avoid cool or dark colours in south-facing rooms as they will only make the space feel drab.

Make it timeless: It’s best to steer away from very niche decorative walls that might date quickly as they can be costly to change when the trend passes.

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