10 Tasks to Tick Off Before Christmas

by Carlisle Homes


Are you hosting Christmas at your place this year? Tick off these 10 chores ahead of time and enjoy a stress-free celebration.

Christmas is a fun-filled time of year, but if you’re the one doing the hosting, the weeks leading up to it can feel stressful. You can ease the mental load, and perhaps even start to enjoy yourself, by getting these 10 tasks done well in advance.


The countdown to Christmas Day is on – if you’re the one hosting this year, lessen the load by ticking off these 10 practical tasks ahead of the big day. And remember – it’s not a one-person show, so get everyone in your household to help.

1. Set up an activities calendar

With so much going on this month – end of term, school concerts, relatives coming to stay – it helps to have a master calendar where you can keep track of it all. Put your calendar somewhere it’s easy for you to see and access, such as a print-out on the fridge.

You might also want to set up a group family calendar on your phone where you can share important dates and coordinate everyone’s schedules.


2. Get everyone involved

Take the pressure off yourself by delegating tasks on your to-do list to everyone in the household, so the big day becomes a family affair. You might want to post a Christmas timetable in a central spot where everyone can see it, and tick off their jobs as they are completed. 


3. Wrap it up

Few things are more stressful than having a mountain of presents to wrap on Christmas Eve, only to discover you’re out of sticky tape. Stock up on all your gift-wrapping essentials ahead of time, and wrap gifts as soon as you bring them home or they arrive in the post. If you shop in a store that offers a free gift-wrapping service – use it!


4. Confirm your guest list

Do a quick ring around ahead of Christmas Day to get your final numbers, find out what time guests will be arriving, how long they’ll be staying, and if they have any dietary requirements. If your plan is for everyone to bring a plate for Christmas lunch, now’s the time to let attendees know what you’d like them to bring.


5. Make an easy meal plan

The last thing you want is to be buried in the kitchen come Christmas Day, so seek out easy recipes you can prepare in advance. A barbecue or fresh seafood accompanied by an assortment of salads is always popular. If you’re planning to do a roast with all the trimmings, aim to do as much of your prep ahead of time, such as making stuffing, trimming vegetables, and whipping up sauces.


Those last couple of weeks before Christmas Day fly by, so once you’ve put up the tree and finished decorating your home, turn your attention to practical tasks, such as cleaning, clearing space, and stocking up on pantry staples and festive supplies.

6. Create space

Extra storage is a lifesaver when you have more mouths to feed. At least a week out from Christmas Day, declutter and wipe down the pantry so you have a shelf or two clear. Then make some space in your fridge and freezer by eating up all those leftovers and half-empty jars, and giving shelves a wipe.


7. Stock up the pantry

Avoid the last-minute dash to the supermarket by buying as much as you can ahead of time, like cooking staples, snacks, wine, fizzy drinks, and anything you can freeze.

You’ll also want to plan for meals beyond the main event, such as coffee, tea, cereals, cheese and bread, or whatever your family and visitors will want to eat the next day.


A beautifully decorated dining table, with twinkling candles, crisp linens and festive touches, sets a magical mood for Christmas Day, so make sure you’re well-stocked with all the essentials ahead of the big day.

8. Check your festive table supplies

Work out if you have enough chairs, glassware, cutlery and plates to accommodate the number of guests coming on Christmas Day. If not, consider borrowing or hiring extras. And don’t forget items like candles and fairy lights you may want to use to create festive table ambience.


9. Do a thorough clean & declutter

When life gets busy (hello, December) often the first thing to fall by the wayside is cleaning. So, set aside a day or two ahead of the big day and get everyone in the family to help with a deep clean of the house.

Be sure to tidy up your outdoor area too – chances are, it will be where guests spend a lot of time come Christmas Day. Remove leaves, trim hedges, clean garden furniture, and give the barbecue a good scrub. Is a barbecued lunch on the agenda? It’s a good idea to pick up a second gas bottle.


10. Spruce up your guest room

If you’re expecting overnight guests, you’ll want to spend some time freshening up your spare room. Lay the bed with clean sheets and pop a couple of fresh towels on the end, set up bedside basket of toiletries, a spare phone charger and all the little niceties guests appreciate. If your visitors will have their own bathroom, give it a top-to-toe clean, and pop in some fresh soap and shampoos.


Now breathe out and prepare to enjoy your Christmas Day!

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