What Does “Fixed Site Costs” Actually Mean?

by Taylah White


The definition of this phrase can vary from builder to builder, and it’s vital you know what it means before signing a land or building contract.

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After the base house price and the cost associated with purchasing land, the next major component to consider in a budget for any new home build are site costs. These are the costs associated with your specific block of land, which arise from preparing the site for construction, and can change depending on your block’s soil classification. Because these costs are so variable, they can be challenging to deal with, particularly for those working to a fixed budget.

Many builders promise certainty around the cost of a new home by offering “fixed site costs”. However, while this phrase can look very attractive at first glance and provide a level of comfort, these offers too often come with conditions that mean your total site costs could still be subject to significant variation. So, it’s imperative that before you sign any building contract, you know exactly which site costs are, and are not, included.

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Image source: Carlisle Homes

A comprehensive approach to fixed site costs

According to Carlisle Homes Group House and Land Manager Nicole Dowling, it’s common for people to be confused by what the phrase “fixed site costs” means. “Often it’s only once we break down site costs in detail with a customer that they actually realise they’re not comparing apples with apples, and that their seemingly low quote for fixed site costs from another builder has a long list of costs that aren’t covered and could potentially be added to their build contract later on,” she says. “By contrast, when Carlisle Homes says we offer fixed site costs, we really mean it. And they’re fixed from the moment you pay your deposit.”

The list of costs that Carlisle Homes covers as part of our Fixed Site Costs option is comprehensive. There are the costs that relate to preparation of the building site, such as earthwork, rock removal and drainage, as well as additional engineering requirements like slab upgrades, bored piers and deepened beams. There are also council requirements for managing construction, like temporary fencing and timber footpath crossovers. And developer requirements, such as specific facade treatments and roof pitches, and fibre optics. All of these are included in our pricing. In fact, we are very transparent in advising that there is just one cost that isn’t included in Carlisle’s Fixed Site Costs option – corner facade treatments, for blocks situated on a corner. Apart from that single factor, if there are any surprises with your block of land that lead to increased site costs, Carlisle Homes wears that additional cost and you don’t pay a cent extra, so you can embark on your home-building journey with confidence and surety.

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For more information about fixed site costs, we recommend talking to our friendly team on 13 27 67

Taylah sources land exclusively for Carlisle Homes. She leverages her strong connections and relationships with developers to ensure that Carlisle Homes can provide the best house & land packages for their customers.

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