The Year to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

by Carlisle Homes

The Year to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Want to buy a new house? Craft a solid plan to make it happen.

New financial year, new financial goals. This year, make it your goal to sign your dream home into reality.

The beginning of a new financial year is the perfect time to reflect on past achievements and set new goals. Just as January is the time we set health and fitness goals after the excesses of Christmas, July is all about getting your financial security sorted.

For many of us, a new life in a brand-new dream home is top of the wish list. Imagine: no more rental inspections to prepare for or housemates who leave the dishes in the sink. Instead, you could hang your favourite artwork on the wall, paint your bedroom bright yellow or host endless summer barbecues.

All this could be yours, but first you have to make your plan into a reality. Here’s how.

The Year to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Take on the new financial year by reflecting on your wins, setting new goals and making a plan to buy the dream home you always wanted.

Get transparent

Sharing your plans is an important step towards making them real. Tell friends and family that you’re serious about buying a new house, and you’ll be far more likely to follow through. Share links to floor plans and designs that catch your eye, create a mood board and ask others what they love about their homes. People love to give advice, so this is a very effective way to get your network on board.


Goals are more achievable if you follow the SMART plan: make them specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. A single large goal, like ‘build a new house’, can feel daunting. Breaking it down into smaller goals that fit the SMART model helps enormously.

For your new house dream, that might look like this.

1. Visit at least one Estate per week.
The more you visit, the better an idea you’ll get of what you want. The Carlisle website has handy trip planning and maps to get you started. Once you’ve found one that you really like, you can organise a walk through with a sales professional to find out more.

The Year to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Use Carlisle’s suite of interactive tools for inspiration and guidance to assist you in planning and customising your dream home. Featured here: Matisse, Orana Estate, Clyde North.

2. Customise your dream home.
This is where the planning gets really fun. Try out Carlisle’s suite of interactive tools including saving your favourite house plans, photos or blogs as you explore exactly what’s on offer. Or, visit our brand new Spectra Showroom to get up close with what’s on offer! Not only is this a very enjoyable part of the journey, but the extra inspiration will also give your motivation a real boost.

3. Attend an information session.
Carlisle hosts regular sessions that give you more information about design tips, the build process, financial advice and more. Benefit from the advice of experts and feed that knowledge back into your grand plan.  Find out more about upcoming events here.

4. Get a quote.
Once you’ve chosen a design, block of land and any customised changes or upgrades, you’re ready to find out what it will cost. Your Carlisle consultant will take you through a detailed quotation process, and help you make the hard decisions to get the home you want at a price that works for you. A great place to start is with our Easy Living quick quote tool or if you are looking for a larger home our current fixed price house and land package builder.

The Year to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

The new financial year is the perfect time to get your budget order and set goals home goals the new year! Featured here: Canterbury Grand Deluxe, Aurora Estate, Wollert.

Get your budget in order 

Now that you know more about what you want, you’ll need to work out how to get there. Take your new quotation and make an appointment with one of our in-house construction finance specialists.

The new financial year is a perfect time to do this, because you already need to complete a tax return. Use the opportunity to really get to grips with your finances, so you can provide all that information up front. The more you know, the more your construction finance specialist can help.

Get a timeline in place

If 2022 is the year you’re going to build, grab a calendar and get those dates in place. Creating a home buying checklis t is a great start to help you see each stage in turn and what you need to do. Carlisle offers a guaranteed build time, so you can work towards settlement with confidence. Let the count down to home ownership begin!

As Mark Twain said, ‘plan for the future because that’s where you’ll spend the rest of your life.’ Plan now, and you could be spending the future in your very own, brand new, quality built Carlisle Home.

The Year to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Creating a budget will help you understand the process involved in saving for your dream house and where your financial gaps are.

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